Upcoming: Dos Kolegas\’s 7-Year Anniversary


If you’ve follow my blog thus far it would be pretty easy to garner that Dos Kolegas is my numero uno pick for music venue in town. It doesn’t do everything right, but it has the atmosphere and really when push comes to shove, there ain’t no place that treats you as well, regardless of who’s playing or how terrible of a day you’ve had. Well, this coming weekend Dos Kolegas will be celebrating 7 years, and it’s gonna be wild. Food, booze, high spirits, and good people – what more could you ask for. If jamming out the past weekend till the early hours was any preface of what’s to come, you can expect things to get crazy come this weekend. Here’s the official lineup, both nights kick off at 9 and cost 60 RMB.

Devils at the Crossroads
Bad Mamasan

DH & The Chinese Hellcats
Wu & The Side Effects
Helen Feng

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