Upcoming: 10th Annual Punk Festival


I’ve been on a punk rampage this month and it’s doesn’t look like it’s gonna stop anytime soon. Must be this damn heat. Between this, the D.O.G showcase this Friday (where The Dancers make an rare appearance) and Demerit’s 10th Anniversary show this Sunday at DMC in Tangzhou – this weekend is all about the punks baby. And it all peaks this Saturday in an twelve-hour punkfest at Dos Kolegas – yup, it’s the 10th Annual Punk Festival – more than 16 bands, booths, food, beer, Doc Martens and best of all good vibes. I think Kat says it best in her article on the punk scene – “What I find the most appealing about the Asian punk scene is the sense of community behind it”. Couldn’t be more true. So get your asses over Dos Kolegas, Saturday, August 21st, and kick up some dirt, start a circle pit, throw your fists in the air, and kiss a punk. Check the lineup and schedule below. 120 red maos for this bad boy ain’t bad. No way they’re keepin to that schedule.

2:00 Pumpkins

2:35 D-Crash

3:10 The Diders

3:45 Soju Legion

4:20 End of the World

4:55 Gum Bleed

5:40 Early Bus

6:25 Trash Cat

7:10 Dr. Liu & The Human Centipede

7:55 Rolling Bowling

8:45 The Autocratics (Japan)

9:40 Discord

10:25 Ouch

11:10 Hell City

11:55 Bobby’s Bar (Japan)

12:50 Subs

1:35 Misandao

2:30 After Party 

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