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Some new singles from indie rockers Mr. Graceless and Casino Demon, an split EP from noise outfit Dear Eloise, and the latest out of KTR – here’s what’s new this week.


It seems that Casino Demon can’t stay away from their renewed lease on the scene since last years EP, Have You Ever Seen The Stars. New material has been finding its way onto their douban page as the band slowly prepares its forthcoming fifth album, Do You Still Love. Their latest single is entitled ‘Guangzhou’ – one can only assume based off of their experiences to the province down south. And just this morning they released their newest newest single, a song I fell in love with at Strawberry Festival this past year – \’Fire Place\’. Casino Demon has slowly shaped in one of more reliable bands who give straight no fuss accessible rock and roll – and it doesn’t look like they’re changing their style up anytime soon. Amen. Expect the band to hit the circuit again this coming October.


Speaking of busy, a couple of new tunes from sweet-natured melodic rockers Mr. Graceless, who wear their hearts on their sleeves almost as much as their late 60s era Beatles-esque influences, have surfaced. Their latest demo entitled ‘Stone Bridge’ is up on their douban page as well as a just released this morning live version of a new song entitled ‘Lazy Knight’. Definitely sounds like they’ve loosen up a bit – even when their sound veers heavily into post rock lite territory. The band is busy as ever, having just returned from a European pit stop to Berlin where they recorded their latest single and Paris where they received some props from the French, they’re about to embark on a nation-wide tour to celebrate their 5-year anniversary. Looking good – here’s to hoping more new material pops up in the near future.

The latest from Genjing Records – true pioneers in bridging the gap creatively between international and domestic artists – is a split 7’’ with noise-pop duo Dear Eloise and seminal Australian indie rock outfit Underground Lovers, who have been causing quite the stir in their homeland the past few months after returning with their first full length album in nearly fifteen years. The two-song self-titled joint release (with Melbourne label Rubber Records) is expected for release at the end of September. The official release will be held at The Other Place, September 28th, and is limited to 500 copies – so mark your calendars to snag a piece of otherworldly dream pop that hits you like a wall.

And finally, as I mentioned last week – KTR just can’t be stopped – Michael and Richard have released two more freebies for the masses. First up, from the trash blues two-man team Low Bow and their live set recorded at the Silk Road Music Festival held up at the Great Wall in Jia Yu Guan (that’s the one farrr west) a few weeks back, harmoniously entitled I Love Jia Yu Guan. The latter is from analog electronic renegade Noise Arcade, entitled staring blankly ­– which furthers my theory that Mr. Cupoli is finding his groove more and more with each release he puts out. There’s an ease at which this heady IDM unfolds. I’m almost (key word: almost) tempted to dig all the back to the first and see the evolution of Noise Arcade. Now that would be dangerous.

Alright, that\’s enough for the time being. Check back next week for more.

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