OTS: Mammals, Lost In Space (DMC 30.08.2014)


This little beaut got placed on the back-burner sometime ago – mainly due to chasing down my partner in crime’s footage down – to no avail. Yes, the digital age of storing can be a bitch time to time – can’t tell you how many instances I’ve run out of space on my numerous hard drives, or have simply erased footage without even a second glance. Alas, no point in crying over spilt milk – let’s have a garner at two new bands in town. Math rock instrumentalists Mammals and metalcore youths Lost In Space at Tangzhou’s home away from home, DMC. Baller.

My oh my, this is stoner rock with a math wizz’s wisdom and a punks’ raging enthusiasm. Seriously, they’re wielding their instruments in an act of war. Kids these days. Check out more below.

Mammals is straight up badass music – like driving down the freeway and before you know it you’re topping 100 mph. Don’t even vocals for this one. And for those of you reading – head over to School on October 22nd to catch Mammals for their EP release show (more on that in a day) at School where they’ll be joined by this fresh faced metalling hardcore outfit Lost In Space – who’ll be making their second ring road debut.

‘LOST IN SPACEEEEE!!!!’ — yup, gonna be screaming this all the time now.

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