New Releases: Dear Eloise, Mammals, Frosty Eve, Wogui de Huoche


Stoner rock, shoegaze, indie rock, and of course heavy metal all coming at ya this week with the latest batch of new releases hitting shelves, turntables, and digital stores including the newest LP from Dear Eloise, a EP from up and comers Mammals, the sophomore releases from Frosty Eve, and the debut from Nanjing indie rock outfit Wogui de Huoche. Check it out.

Jiaxing/Nanjing indie rock group Wogui de Huoche (卧轨的火车), who were invited a couple months back along with another second tier city hopeful The Tree, make their EP debut, Stupid Dream Wake Up(愚梦方醒) and it is definitely worth checking out. The band has taken one or two cues from the scenes more successful indie rockers, most notably The Gar and Sound Fragment, but boy does it sound good. Walls of sound rich with melodies that splinter into an collage of sounds – violins, broken turntables, reversed guitar chords, and washed out vocals  – it’s stunning just how ‘on’ the production on this thing is. Mark my words, we\’re gonna be hearing a lot more about these cats next year. Check it out here and purchase it over here.

Dear Eloise’s Beauty in Strangers was one of the first albums I bought in Beijing so the guitar washed, shoegaze side project from P.K 14 frontman Yang Haisong and his wife Sun Xia has always held a special place in my heart – ‘Castle’ still manages to still throw me into a dream-like trance every time. So, yeah, digging the hell out of the duo\’s latest Farewell to Summer and instead of me praising it up and down like a lunatic, I’ll point you all over to ex-Friend or Foe\’s drummer Zack Smith\’s blog Deadly Silence for his take on it – a great read. Itching to get this one on vinyl.

Melodic death metal juggernauts Frosty Eve, have earned quite the reputation over their past ten years on the scene and they’re ready to prove their worth again with the release of their second full length album. While The Heart is the Domain may not be as dark and brooding as some (me) may hope, there’s a lot to like for those itching for some Children of Bodom style melodic heavy metal. Keyboards abound, some killer guitar riffs, wicked interplay between the members, and of course plenty of ‘Dadadadaada’. Compared to their previous work, the production comes off as too crisp, a big no-no for me and metal. By the second half though, the melodies get so colossal, the throwdown rhythms get meatier and you’ll be head banging too much to care. Metal lovers – give it a spin here and be sure to check out the band at their release Saturday October 18th at Mao Livehouse.

Mammals is music to kick ass to – the soundtrack to Jet Li tearing through a swarm of henchmen; the soundtrack to cursing full speed down the freeway – it may disguise itself as math rock, but their a heavy rock bone in these four as well as an affinity for stoner metal. The way a song can go from a playful riff and then just turn in on itself and implode into a firebomb of guitar hero heaven  – brilliant. In fact, I wish they was a way to make this louder; turn up the dials on each instruments output cause it’s a friggin party in there. Kids these days. Check out the four track EP, Animals That Don\’t Lay Eggs Volume 1!, on their douban page and pick it up in person at the bands EP release show next Wednesday, October 22nd at School – comes with crayons! Yay!

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