OTS: Hang on the Box (School 09.10.2015)


Two weekends ago, The Soundstage, the CRI (China Radio International) government-funded series, which put a spotlight on China’s underground music scene, and headed by fellow music supporter Jonathan Alpart, said its final farewell at School Bar. Between the radio show and the video series, Mr. Alpart had managed to carve out a nice little section of the music scene coverage here in Beijing, and while some may have found his approach too affected (though that was kinda the point) there is no denying what he did with the series — allow bands from all over China to speak their mind and open up to the cameras. Like a shit ton of bands. It’s crazy how many bands he was able to get on the show. And approved by the powers above. That’s no small feat, friend. That takes serious gusto. So yet again, we lose another prominent supporter of the scene. But hey, might as well go out with a bang! How about some Hang on the Box, one of the first bands I caught in Beijing, rejuvenated and with some new spunk (and girl power) to the mix.

Best of luck in all your endeavors, Jonathan. You can dig into the massive archives of The SoundStage’s video and radio series. Click below for more.









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