On The Scene: Temple 29-12-2012

How could I turn down a free Brain Failure show at one of my favorite hangouts. Not gonna happen. Thus, I hustled my jolly self over to Temple to see everyone favorite punk kids, though all grown up now, give an acoustic performance.

The crowd was here for the goods and the band delivered, running through a mix of old and new, hits and soon to be hits. Admiring the unplugged approach these bands are after – I way I look at it is you generate the same kind of enthusiasm albeit without having to perform high kicks or get a audience of thousands screaming. Makes sense.

They look rejuvenated in fact. That’s saying a lot for a band whose wrinkles are definitely starting to show – like literally. They’re been around for a some time now and while their voices can be a tad hoarse at times (only adds to their image in my eyes), they got the skills, and their new material off their latest is some of the catchiest music to come out this year.
It looked like they were having a hoot as well, attacking their usual fist pumping anthems with grace and reverence, as if they were visiting old friends.

The crowd ate it up, they ate it up, and after an hour and half of tunes, two encores, and myself finally being able to roll my own cigarette (these hands can’t manage jack) – spirits were high. And that hair, copyright that already Xiao Rong! Check below for one more video.

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