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Rookies of the year new wave rockers Perpetual Motion Machine aren’t slowing down anytime soon, and are already primed to release their latest Imperial City Dairy (皇城饮恨录), a concept album of sorts, one that gives a rock and roll history lesson on this great city (the band has often before made references to China’s history). I love the fact that the band is trying something new – it’s this kind of innovative, risky approach which lots of bands lack. No worries, I’m sure it’ll remain a rocking good time. Hear them preview their new material this Friday, January 18th, at Blue Stream Bar. Dig the marketing intuitive on these boys as well. It’s only a matter o time before I’ll have to get one of their T-shirts.


Compilation albums are all the rage nowadays – however, if there is ever one that’ll be essential buying then the Ningxia Compilation Album due to be released next month is it. It includes songs and singles from, wait for it, Li Dong, Skarving, Nucleus, Buyi, Wu & The Side Effects, Zhao Laoda, and more. Those are talented sons of bitches there – spread across a lot of different genres and influences. Seriously can’t wait to get my hands on that bad boy. Read more on it here.


Dystopian synthpop duo from Tainjin, Wanderlust, are back with yet another EP (they actually released two last year as well) after a spell aboard. The husband and wife team just can’t seem to keep still, and hey, why the hell should they. So while you can wait for their official second release under Modern Sky later this year, enjoy the cinematic electro goodness of Chehovian Fyodorov Go Exotic (​.​.​.​And Back) – it’s about escaped Earth humans who crash land on another primitive planets only to rule over the aliens with their technology and knowledge. Sweet.


A nice piece of academia for you nerds out there…AmCham China interviewed Nathaniel Davis, director of Split Works and Splatter, the Beijing and Shanghai based live music/festival promoters (including the upcoming sure to be orgasmic JUE Festival) and music strategy/creative consultancies. It’s an interesting read, with some nice tidbits on the music industry and its evolution thus far, as well as the problems facing it. Check it out here.

As a reminder to folks out there, The MOMA Back Mountain Music Festival (that sounds so wrong) is still underway and this weekend is bringing some heavy hitters, including Shanghainese pop punk legends Top Floor Circus and Guangdong folk group Wu Tiao Ren, whose acclaimed album last year, Some Other Scenery (一些风景), is still making waves in music circles. Check out this recent excellent interview with Top Floor Circus’s Lu Feng over at ChinaFile – so tempted to head to MOMA this Friday.

Scream Records, who have released and backed numerous bands in town, including Brain Failure, Tookoo, Twisted Machine, Long Shen Dao, among many others, is fifteen years old. Still making moves it seems, they were rewarded at the MIDI Awards this year for their special contributions to the industry. They recently released a compilation video (which includes footage I took…yay!) to celebrate. Check it out and congrats are making through your teen years Scream Records.


Last for the day, Those busy bees down in Shanghai are planning to release volume two of We Are Shanghai – their compilation album. Last year’s volume one was great – a fine reflection of what the scene do yonder has to offer. So I’m expecting no least this time around. Death to Giants’ drummer is helping out on the project – check out an interview with Ivan Belcic at Shanghai 24/7 for a little more insight. The launch party will take place this Friday down south at Yuyintang – so expect band camp to have the album very soon. Here’s a teaser of sorts – Death to Giants’ hilarious video for “Anyone Can Learn to Count in Chinese”.

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