On The Scene: School 24-07-2013


Another pangbianr lovefest at School – really starting to become quite fond of these – a great opportunity to cut your teeth on some offbeat sounds, admire the technical wizardry of the gizmos brought in, and test your limits. If anything, it’s like ‘show and tell’, except instead of showing off your new toy firetruck your showing off your retro synthesizer or new hardware set-up. Kids these days.

Read below to see what thruotuin, lilium, and visiting artists jastrat and kelvin_clon3 lite had to show off.


First up was thruoutin, running some sort of hardware synth through Ableton Live – which looks and sounds a bit like this –

Pretty dope. Clearly conjuring his inner DJ here, Brad hit on some compact robust sounds that could easily wet one’s appetite in a dark underground club. Throw some shades on him, hand him a rum and coke, and bam, this kid’s ready to cause some kinetic mayhem.


Visiting from Brooklyn and looking like the youngest lad in the whole room was jastrat, a enginnerring student with a eye on buildings synthesizers bringing his retro old school Prophet synth, which word is he jacked from his high school. Righteous. Here’s a taste –

That’s my kind of mellow – if it wasn’t for the world’s most annoying dart board upstairs, I might have been able to find God.


This was certainly not the case with Kelvin_cl0n3 LITE who brought the freak show with jacking some groovy hardware out of Reactable.

A bit schizoid for me, but watching this guy go at it on technology was a treat in itself.


Last up was Lilium, whose been making IDM and minimal glitch for some time now. Dark, sleek, chrome – IDM ain’t for everyone, and I\’m not even sure if it\’s for me, but there is something devious about it that’s keeps my ears glued.

Maybe it\’s the menacing nature of the music – it’s simply feels wrong. And I mean that in the best way possible. Like having a massive blow party with strippers, semi-automatics, and dirty cash. Strange how that works.

Sooner or later I’m gonna need a tutorial on how these toys work. Just looks like too much fun.

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