Weekend Update

Ahoy! Now this is what the summer is about. And as much as the heat wants to render me obsolete, there’s too much goodness to pass over here. Might consider pulling a five-show streak here – really, it’s that good.


Over at XP, US surf psycho rockers Daikaiju, who have been messing with the media for the past couple weeks with their ridiculous interviews wave their freak flag. And even without their Godzilla worshipping antics, their music is buckets of fun. Intense, kinetic, and kinky. They’re joined by Shanghai party rock kids Round Eye, surf-rock-motel-sex duo The Dyne, who I’m dying to checkout again, and true-blue punks The Molds who only recently got back on the mic, this has the makings of greatness. A night of MCs, gangster rap, WEED, dubstep, dark electronica and then some – it’s an all out rager at the only place that can handle an all out rager into the we hours – Dos Kolegas. A strange intoxicating mix of hip hop, with most of the wordplay going to Bloodz Boi and Chronmaster while the beats and electronic lovemaking will be courtesy of Noise&Noise, Soundspade , XJBN, ChuChu, and Dub Zen Melodist. It’s a grab bag of artists, but I love where their head is at with this one. Temple is celebrating (a week late but who’s gonna complain) its two year anniversary this weekend – tonight the ridiculously talented Junglemico Project kick off the festivities performing dubstep, techno, drum n bass – whatever genre of club wets your whistle – live in front of your very eyes. And it’s fucking grand people – just wait till you get a load of the drummer – seriously some of the most wicked musicians in town. There’s been a lot of talk lately on Austrailn singer-songwriter Kirin J. Callinan whose latest acclaimed album Embracism has critics swooning – part Nick Cave, part INXS, straight up raw talent, he plays at Yugong Yishan tonight alongside white+. For some good ol fashion unadultered rock n roll get over to School where Jacky Danny, Los Crasher, Era Rebels, Free Sex Shop, The Diders, Little Racer, and Obladi Obladi (Ben Ben’s latest project) perform. For something a little scrappier, I’d wager the Old What? Bar the place to be as Discord and Shochu Legion reign in the punk. Finally, one can catch punk rap rock hybrid Wang Jing & The Hatch at the Hot Cat Club, and electronic sound hooligans Damage Blanket and Cloud Choir at 69 Café.


Another ragger at Dos Kolegas though compared to the night before, it’s on a whole other playing field. Lovable Yunnan genre mashing outfit Shanren has gathered a slew of artist from Yunnan Province for a day and evening of ethnic hoedowning. Expect Yunnan reggae, ethnic, and folk sounds from courtesy livetronica band Lao Hei, reggae group Choupinang, and Buddha Mountain, ethnic folk from the Wu minority group out of the province. Sun, tunes, food, good vibes – might want to jump on the groove of this one. At School ‘Drunk is Beautiful’ – again – that’s the motto for tonight’s solid badass lineup – heck, just having The Dyne and Bedstars matching off is sexy enough – dirty colorful gritty rock and roll. Throw in ‘back from the grave’ The Molds (read Timeout’s piece on them here) along with psychedelic head trippers Chui Wan, you have the makings of a night of rambunctious rock and roll, eyes glazed over, beer dropping, smoke-filled, sweaty pure hooliganism. Embracing the spirit of spunk, the roller coaster punk group SUBS has been throwing high octane leave nothing on the back burner shows over the years to much acclaim. It’s joyous in its abrasive ‘fuck it’ attitude. It’s not often they headline so expect a big one folks over at Mako Livehouse – opening is post rock group Glow Curve, who have a few tricks up their sleeve as well. The Temple celebration continues tonight as Daikaiju continue their reign of ‘man in suit’ terror over in Gulou with Round Eye and rockabilly gods Rolling Bowling hitting the sauce. Skip Skip Ben Ben is joined by locals Meat Tree and Break Through the Wall of Air over at the Hot Cat Club. Perth rock group The Stanleys, back for more it seems, will be playing at the Old What? Bar, while R&B infused pop rockers G-Eleven get intimate at the Blue Stream Bar. Lastly, for you hip hop fans – swing by Yugong Yishan for an epic MC Battle, where win takes all, a whopping 2000 RMB or by new bar on the block La Bas for another edition of Digital Freedom with MC Bloodz Boi, Young Peach, Chuchu and Golden. Swag.


Michelle Proksell aka Muted Rainbow, who earlier last year made Beijing her new stomping ground, recently released her latest Future Wakewhich is all kinds of great – but even greater it seems like the release has forced her back onto the stage this upcoming week, where she’ll be performing solo as well as with an electric violinist. Neato. Also on the bill are some other ace electronic music makers in the form of dee, me:mo, and Jordan (the man behind Chronmaster). Expect some laid-back, ambient-heavy, star gazing, chilllllll music in one of Beijing’s cozier hangouts Zajia Lab. One of Beijing’s most established rock bands, Thin Man, are teaming up once again with Fermin Murguruza Kontrakantxa, out of Basque Country (between France and Spain), after not having seen each other for twelve years – adorable – it all goes down at Yugong Yishan – let’s hope they have plenty to chat about. School brings Xu Qiang whose original mixture of crosstalk, folk and electronic music will surely intrigue. Pay tribute to the backstage men at Mao Livehouse as a roster of heavy bands hit the stage including Strange July, Evil Thorn, Temple, Going 2 Ohio, The Lifeless, Skyfire, and Keep Silent. To cap things off, one can take it easy over at 69 Café with Liu Yusi, or at Blue Stream Bar with joe & cc.

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