On The Scene: Dos Kolegas 12-09-2013

Alright folks, I’m proud to introduce a new member of the LBM family, the enigmatic Joe Bloggs; known to some for his displays of social critique, philosophical reflection and surrealist free-association, he\’ll be adding his input time and time again. And while it\’s essential to protect his identity (he\’s a wanted fugitive) dude definitely knows his stuff, that’s for sure. So without further a due – I give you Joe Bloggs. Bloggy Bloggs Blogs.


An anniversary for the city weekend people brought a ton or so down to Dos Kolegas on Thursday night to toast a happy marriage between the lifestyle magazine (a sickly description) and our fair city. \’Residence A\’ were headlining, only days away from their EP launch (a timely outing).


Their sound could be described as overcharged but effective Chinese rave-rock. If the Rapture went to dinner with the Klaxons this would be the soundtrack. Residence A’s live show postulated their claim as a firm Beijing favorite with a provocative guitar-charged performance. The swirling effects from pedals and keys harmonize under the umbrella of disrespectful and elegant, aglow with the front-man’s perspiration which was both a signal for his intent and the band’s sincerity. The vocalist (a tad U2y) was in inspiring mood.


The crowd were hungry, the band fed, the drinks were two for one; all elements in the Dos Kolegas test tube which made for a solid show.


No-one did a self-immolation backflip but the crowd were game after sipping cheap plonk and listening to Summer Warz; average at best and MeToo; a very interesting drone three piece inspired by the subdued and moodier tones of Joy Division.


Words Joe Bloggs

Pics Katie Murray

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