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Funny how I’m always scrambling last minute to find what’s fresh on the digital shelves and within minutes I’m knee deep in new releases. I’m shocked at the quanity of music making its way out there – so let’s do the scene a favor and spread the good word – here’s the latest from Xiao Ou, Hao Yun, Hedgehog, and Residence A.

Anyone catch that Hedgehog show last week? Any good? Wild stories? Anywho, it seems this summer Hedgehog recorded a 7’’ vinyl single with Modern Sky and the New York based label Pretty Party Records and a MV has been released for that baby. And it’s glorious – like batshit crazy glorious. Like they took a B-side of theirs and stretched it as far as they could – it’s delusional, quirky, creepy and puts Atom front and center on vocals. Just try not giggling yourself into a tantrum whilst listening to this. Expect to grab it next month.

Norwegian rapper, Xiao Ou (real name Eirik Okkenhaug) who prefers to spit in Mandarin has been chipping away at the scene for some time now – granted rapping in Mandarin ain’t no small feat – but after releasing the MV for his first single, ‘Nage Nage Laowai’, back in 2011, and a huge slew of others following that one, including this ripping thriller of a song, it seems time for Xiao Ou to grab hold of the spotlight. His debut album, entitled Nage Nage Loawai (gotta love the cover art) has made it ways early online on iTunes, Taobao, IndieMusic Store, as well as Spotify, a week before the young rapper celebrates at Temple next Friday, September 27th along with a handful of Beijing’s top MCs. I haven’t dug my teeth too dig into it yet – but gotta give credit where it’s due – his flow is arguably better than half of china’s own MCs. Just saying.


Pretty faced, indie pop folk star Hao Yun, has impressed me more than once – dude’s got charm, what can I say. Well he’s back once again this year with the latest entitled It’s Life. Check it. Once again, the album finds Hao Yun at terms with finding solace in the rat race that is Beijing, and while it’s not entirely deep (yeah, money’s a bitch but she looks really nice) it’s laced with such sincerity and self-awareness that’s it’s hard not to lap it up. So while Hao Yun falls short more than once, especially when he brings out the electric guitar, overall, it’s pleasant breezy trip. Favorite tunes are “Sigh” and “买还私奔的” (strangely two songs about married life – what’s up with that)

And of course I gots to mention Residence A releasing their latest EP The Love Of This Era ­­­– I\’m been tooting these guys’ horn for some time now and it just brings a smile to my face to witness the support they’ve been able to garner these past years – just check out the checklist of rockers congratulating the foursome above. Mighty impressive indeed. While their EP only contains three new songs, two of which dive head first into what Joe Bloggs (you’ll be acquainted with the lad later today) describes as ‘rave-rock’, there’s no way this is not gonna be talked about at the end of the year. So don’t be stranger, and head over to Mao Livehouse tonight to pick up a copy of their EP and see what you’ve been missing.


That’s enough for now – check back next week for the latest from Cloud Choir, Pentatonic, Tengger Cavalry, Death to Ponies, and more.

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