Gig Recap: Die!ChiwawaDie!, Boss Cuts, Underdog (Temple 2017.08.19)

Like a pep rally that’s gone off the deep end, a prom punch bowl that’s been spiked with bath salts, Guangzhou’s Die!ChiwawaDie! is exactly the kind of act I need in my life. They’re a band that resides in the realm of absurdity. Aggressively yet tongue in cheek, it’s a manic gleeful one hundred meter dash of blistering rock and roll that keeps you on your toes and those neurons flying. The band rolled through Beijing in promotion of their split LP with Beijing based Struggle Session (off of Qiii Snacks Records and Genjing Records) and from boy did it looked like they had a good time at Temple. Supporting sets came from surf rock crashers Boss Cuts, who are on a tear as of late, and ska punk supergroup Underdog, a band that is all kinds of awesome and is slowly becoming one of my favorite acts of the year. Keep out the mayhem below…

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