Gig Recap: D.I.U.B, Not In Catalog (Temple 2017.08.23)

Man about town and Temple manager Marshall – yeah, that guy – threw an extravagant three night rager at Temple Bar to celebrate his escape from the womb many odd years ago. Overstuffed and literally breaking at the seams, with the added in gimmick of Temple tattoos being given out willy nilly (is there some code of ethics for tattoo artists cause pretty sure this was breaking just about all of them) it was a Marshall birthday through and through, and for the first evening, in many ways the calm before the storm, Temple debuted the latest madcap project from our Cab, Alex, and XiaoLong – all three pretty active in the scene – D.I.U.B – a dark new wave symphony of noise and menace. For a band that had practiced just once (and had no problem switching roles like an instrumental musical chairs) there’s a heck ton of potential here and I’m super curious to see what’s next for them. Also on the bill were the long standing madcap project from the Zoomin’ Night crew – Not In Catalog – who get pleasure for following and exploiting each groove or beat until it becomes a litmus test for listeners. They’re a band that stick to their guns and follow their own wacky muse and there’s a joy to honing in on their wavelength and just ‘going with it’. Freak jazz with a punk attitude – they’re no denying they’re one of a kind. More pictures below.

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