NWR Press Release: Shou Pi Hou (Better Than A Glory Hole No. 3)

After a summertime break over at Nasty Wizard Recordings, the gnarliest DIY label to clam up your ear drums, the tormentors have returned with vengeance. The first release of the fall season is our third in the ‘Better Than a Glory Hole’ series – a limited edition cassette tape release we plan to unleash once a month that’ll feature up and coming artists from around the world with uncompromising tastes in music. Third up at bat – offbeat Malaysian electronic artist Shou Pi Hou, who graces the cassette with forty minutes of ‘monotribe funk that proves itself to be better than…well I think you know’. Dark strokes of malevolence electronic noise to fill that void in your life. More please. Grab Better Than A Glory Hole No. 3 over at NWR’s bandcamp page and be sure to pick up a (limited) copy this Thursday at volume seven of Gulou Double Decker along with a slew of the label’s back catalogue. Can’t wait for the box set.

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