MV Tuesday: Guiguisuisui, Carsick Cars, Steely Heart, 16 mins


It’s been a while since I’ve sat down and watched some music videos. Just love the love, imagination, skill, and gung ho spirit that goes into these babies. So get ready to soak away the day with these bad boys from Carsick Cars, Guiguisuisui, and special unplugged performances from 16 mins and Steely Heart.

First up – during the summer, video crew Geek Shoot Jack, continued their video series capturing unplugged performances from some of Beijing’s best known bands on an rooftop terrace. The most recent couple have been of alt rock trio 16 mins, and new wave punks Steely Heart, a band I’d never consider for an unplugged performance. And for the most part it works. Really wished I could’ve attended one of these events as it looks like a treat. Nothing like a little al fresco music.

Guiguisuisui has been a tear as of late – besides having just returned from a month long stint in Europe, the one man zombified blues home wrecker has released his much rewarding debut album, Write Me a Death Letter, and to accompany that release has slowly been churning out music videos for its songs. Besides the stare-down one shot portrait take for ‘Underground’, the Guigz has put together a bit of 8-bit mayhem for ‘You’re Dead’ which as the artist states ‘samples the collection of knock off Chinese 8-bit video games I have in my home studio. 8-bit beats, 8-bit visuals, zombie guitar and howling. You\’re dead, dig’. I do indeed. Remember to catch Guiguisuisui release his debut this Saturday, September 19th at DDC.

Finally, bask in the ‘on the road’ nostalgia and warmth of resident filmmaker Maya Rudolph’s music video for Carsick Car’s ’15 Minutes Older’, which personally I think is one of the best songs the band has produced in their career. Pop ditty through and through and all the better for it. Trips to Brighton Beach in the winter and more, the video and song feels much like a ride home after a long trip aboard. Simple yet effective. Carsick Cars performs this Saturday at Yugong Yishan’s 11th Year Anniversary.

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