NWR Press Release: Guiguisuisui x Black Science

Nasty Wizard Recordings continues its reign of terror in the month of October with yet another release to get your groove and grind to. And wouldn\’t you know it – just in time for Halloween. And what more appropriate artist to unleash upon Hollow’s Eve than Beijing\’s resident 8-bit grave digging lovestruck punk bluesman Guiguisuisui who has teamed up with New Zealand purgative alt punk outfit Black Science for a bit of the old ultraviolence. Retro game beats, crunchy riffs, Dylan-esque crooning, and fuzzed up youthful belligerence. The split also makes the first time NWR will simultaneously release a cassette with their compatriots across the sea, in this occasion, Hell Is Now Love based out of Auckland. Oh yes, a joyous occasion indeed – howl at the moon, brush up on the Necronomicon and get ready to turn up the heat this Halloween. Grab a copy tomorrow, Friday October 30th at FRUITYSHOP where the Guigz will perform alongside Mengqi and Filthy Bill & Pussy Catastrophe. Full press release below. Wiz Biz!

The split release between GUIGUISUISI (China / the planet formerly known as Mars) and Black Science (New Zealand / down the backseat of some dude’s broken down station wagon) is an actual paradigm shift, not only in terms of popular music but also in humanity’s perception of time, space, and pedigree cat breeding. Limited to thirty tapes in China via the Nasty Wizard and thirty tapes in New Zealand thanks to Hell Is Now Love this is not a release to pass up on, mainly because the magnetic taps used in these sixty cassettes was anointed in the tears of a thousand orphans who were openly mourning at MC Hammer’s funeral. Or we should say will be openly mourning because MC Hammer isn’t dead yet. That’s right, we travelled forward in time, harvested the tears of bereaved orphans wailing in unison to a Gregorian chant rendition of ‘U Can’t Touch This’, and then travelled back in time to the present day, all so we could make this tape extra awesome for you. If we’re honest it was a shitload of hassle.

So anyway, on side of the tape we have GUIGUISUISUI, the zombie-noise explosion that’s been on tour more frequently than most people have…done other things…like deleted their search history so their significant other/parents/parole officer won’t find out what a depraved guttersnipe they actually are. Four tracks of twisted retro beats and samples, guitar noise, and vicious attacks on morality and common decency. This release also marks the first track from GUIGUISUISUI in their new girl/boy duo format, with ‘Roll You’. It’s a love song. If your idea of love songs involves broken glass and sawn-off pool cues.

On the other side of the tape we have Black Science, a spazz-psych-devotional trio who are the sonic equivalent to railing a hefty line of industrial grade plant fertilizer and then attempting to organize a synchronized swimming routine with a frenzy of hammerhead sharks thrashing around in a pool of nightmare LSD. Black Science are also into religious cross-dressing, which is pretty rad. It’s worth noting that the Aukland based trio’s side of the tape has half as many songs as GUIGUISUISUI’s. That’s because Black Science’s song writing process requires 1,275 hours of individual mediation from each member, entirely focused on the plight of the dung beetle. How else do you expect a masterpiece like ‘Bite The Pillow’ to be blessed upon this earth? Quality over quantity my friends.

In conclusion this is a release you need in your life because the Internet is an awfully small place. Like, if you don’t buy it right now we can totally find out where you live. Yeah, now we got your attention, don’t we? So buy it or we’ll sneak up to your house in the dead of night real quiet like, and then knock on your door and run away really fast. Don’t even think we’re bluffing. You’ve been warned.


released October 29, 2015


GUIGUI: vocals, guitar, harmonica, beats, samples
NECRO: The Diddly Board
SUSU: vocals
Recorded and Mixed in Beijing, China 2014

Black Science

Dylan Clarke: vocals, guitar
Alex Willi: vocals, drums
Joss Colling: vocals, bass
Recorded and Mixed in Aukland, New Zealand 2015

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