Weekend Update (30.10-01.11)


Woahhhhhhhh! Ready to don your finest costume or like me are you gonna wait till last minute to toss together something. Either way, there are plenty of places to get spooky this weekend – It\’s our special Halloween edition – and as always dig into the (updated for November!) calendar for more.

Friday October 30th

Looking for a killer trick or treating gift? Well then I\’d recommend grabbing the latest cassette from Nasty Wizard Recordings, who will be releasing a split between the \’already dressed for Halloween\’ Guiguisuisui and New Zealand outfit Black Science. The release will take place at the dingy cobblestoned FRUITYSHOP where the undead duo will perform alongside electronic mastermind Mengqi and Filthy Bill & Pussy Catastrophe – which sounds like a Halloween costume in waiting. Yugong Yishan paints it black early as well, as they team up with heavy promoter 330 for a most evil lineup featuring some too notch dark acts including Zuriaake, a black metal folk outfit out of Shandong whose identity is clouded still to this day; also on the bill will be the nightmare inducing Scare the Children, Crack, Punisher, and Bloody Woods. Early early start for that one – first at door will receive a special T-shirt. Modernsky Lab is passing the torch to four up and coming bands this evening including sultry electro pop outfit Wusuozai, The Harridans, Time Capsule, and Irreversible – check out the new blood. Over at Mao Livehouse, the ever awesome D.O.G. collective has put together a sexy indie showcase featuring headliners Birdstriking and Da Bang as well as Steely Heart, Heat Mark, The Hotline and Me Guan Me —- good bang for your buck there. School punks it up Fanzui Xiangfa, Bad Nerve out of Sweden, D-Crash, Human Centipede, and Nude InjectionTemple gets festive with a Pirates of the Caribbean costume party with music from Strange Visitations and The Rotten Five getting down and groovy. DDC gets instrumental as pianist and composer Yue Xuan performs alongside Bian Yuan. Beloved folk artist Dongzi gets intimate at the cozy Snail Club. Mako Livehouse – the new Mako Livehouse located in Gongti (in Uper+) wants in as well on the fun as The Sleep Walkers and more get goofs.

Saturday October 31st

Get your spook on! First up, Temple goes all out with first a Rocky Horror Picture Show interactive viewing followed by the return of the Beijing Misfits alongside Fanza Xiangfa, Sweden’s Bad Nerve, and Quickshot. Mao Livehouse brings the pain with a killer shacked Halloween bash which like off at 5 with free beer before a slew of bands get down and dirty including Explosicum, Fastkill (out of Japan), Scare the Children, Skullcrusher, Car Car Cars, Demerit, Hell City, Miss Mix, Bad Mamasan, Excited Insects, and Tumour Boy. A lot to take in there. Meanwhile at Yugong Yishan, it’s a more traditional Halloween experience with games, trick or treating, and good-natured indie pop courtesy of New Perfume. The Hot Cat Club is gonna get in on the fun to as Rhonda, One Hung Low, and Ultimate Band Crew keep spirits high (all of Fangjia will be pretty sloops me thinks). Jianghu Bar has got their own powwow going too with Steely Heart, Magic Mama, MetU, 4U, and more perform. Finally, for a lil pre-Halloween action check out fRUITYSHOP where Daniel Beban (of Orchestra of Spheres) joins Soviet Pop, Liu Xinyu and Li Jianhong for some musical mischief.

Sunday November 1st

Though most of you will be decomposing after all that Halloweening, there are still a couple choice events to check out, Namely, 69 Café’s rock and roll showcase with Jajatao, TOSS, and Baxian Chophouse, as well as Taiwanese band Mary See The Future at School as they present their deep Britpop cuts reminiscent of Radiohead and Muse. Finally, catch Finnish singer Anu Junnonen impress with her blend of jazz, pop, electronic music and folk at Yugong Yishan.

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