New Releases: Little Wizard, playrec’s One Hundred And Twenty Seven, Nie Yu

Been slacking on the new releases write-ups as of late due to a complete lack of a website but it’d be criminal not to get out the good word so here’s some of the new music that’s been cramming my playlist for the past two months – the May releases that I highly recommend checking out —- including Shaoxing’s Little Wizard, Chengdu’s Nie Yu, and a new electronic compilation from Shanghai label playrec

Little Wizard小巫师 –  Little Wizard II

Shaoxing instrumental rock trio Little Wizard, return with their sophomore release. Simply titled, Little Wizard II, out on Space Circle, it’s a ramped up freight train of thundering drums, rip roaring guitars, and jaded bass lines that keeps the dial turned up. Never overstaying their welcome, their songs strike with ferocity and precision, a blistering blend of math and post rock highs that keeps the pace tight and the thrills coming.




VA (playrec label) – One Hundred And Twenty Seven

New electronic and sound art label play rec – out of Shanghai (I think) – gets mischievous on their first release, One Hundred And Twenty Seven, a compilation featuring ten prominent experimental electronic artists in China including Gooooose, Shi Zheng, Tao Zhen, Zafka, Flower, Hong Qile, Xu Cheng, Weng Wei, Wang Changcun, and chengkai, who each provided a track using the same tempo – 127 bpm. Can not verify if that holds true but the album does contain some serious earworms that fall everywhere on the mood color spectrum.


NieYu 聂禹 – Level Four Artist四级演员

Whether finding solace in the cauliflower shaped clouds up above or the heated summers in Chongqing, there’s something disarming in Nie Yu’s voice and lyrics that elevates the Chengdu-based independent singer-songwriter’s latest Level Four Artist heads and shoulders above many of the artist’s contemporaries. A bit of Ben Gibbard melancholy, a swab of Hao Yun urban charm, it’s indie folk that refuses to settle, mixing it up and breathing renewed life and personality into the genre.



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