Gig Recap: Liberate Haze Release Show (fRUITYSPACE 2017.25.05)

Was good to be back in the comfortably offbeat and sincere fRUITYSPACE, where tranquility can be found in the most off kilter melding of sounds. Nasty Wizard Recordings were once again the culprits of this fruitful evening of noise and grooves as they presented their latest sacrifice to the cassette gods – a spilt between international bass sluts Maxime Petit and Brandon Lopez and Beijing’s cello and modular synth duo Liberate Haze, consisting of audio/visual artist Sheng Jie aka gogoj and electronic noise and film artist Doctor Xin. The twosome were on hand to provide their swirling soundscapes of drone-filled frequencies, the perfect recipe for a long week of mending my psyche, with support from Noise Arcade, giving a special ambient set (be gone beats!) and the jazzy, spacey, and downright sexy new ‘supergroup’, Vast Vacant Vacation consisting of Glow Curve’s Xing Jiangbo aka iimmune – very curious to check those cats out again. All in all, another fine night at the always laid back fRUITYSPACE. Be sure to grab the Liberate Haze spilt over at –    

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