New Releases: Hedgehog, Goushen, Pan Daijing x Charm, Lu1


This week we dive into one of Beijing’s most sought after indie rock acts as they release their first collection of unreleased material. Also, we take a look at what’s brewing down in Shanghai in both the hard rock arena and the electronic scene. Finally, we visit a globe-trotting, nu jazz Mandarin rapper. It’s the newest releases from Hedgehog, Goushen, Pan Daijing, Charm, and Lu1.

Beijing indie band Hedgehog don’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. Seven releases in ten years, they’re one of the country’s most prolific bands, especially considering the band\’s ability to balance their sonic pop sensibilities and noise rock aspirations all the while maturing and cementing their mark on the scene. To celebrate they\’ve put together Neurons, a compilation album of sorts, which includes b-sides, unreleased material, and new singles from the past ten years. Psychedelic jams, one-minute ditties, and as always, catchy as ever numbers, the album stands as a fine testimony to the bands longevity, vitality, commitment and evolution and is a most have for any Hedgehog junkie. You know you want it — and be sure to check out Hedgehog this Saturday, July 11th at Mao Livehouse.

Dark times my friends – and what better way to bask into the black abyss that is life than for some doomy tones courtesy of Huashan Records\’ latest split between Shanghai (and recent Red Bull Music Academy inductee) black techno pastor Pan Daijing and Beijing sound manipulator and landscaper Charm. Club music with a brooding cold heart, transcontinental field recordings sliced up as some fever dream, the sleek dense sounds of Pan Daijing compliment quite well with Charm’s distorted haywire culture shock collage piece. It’s the perfect antidote to erasing all that good will you\’ve built up in the past week. Let it tear into you over here — and head out Thursday, July 9th at Dada and Friday, July 10th at fRUITYSHOP to hit up Charm.

Shanghai hard rock Goushen return with their latest EP, Not Easy to Roll, and it finds the band in vigorous fighting form. Surprising considering the massive band overhaul the band underwent when lead singer Lenz left the band for greener pastures late last year. The band was lucky enough to find an full-bodied and equally strong replacement in new vocalist Teresa Ren, who gets to cut loose on the EP – her coming out party if you will. The four tracks are big and brash, fastened to get you moving. There’s a 70s arena rock swagger to the whole thing that’s earnest and downright riotous at times. Jump aboard over here and be sure to check out Goushen this Saturday, July 11th at School for their release show.


While not born and raised in China, American-born Chinese rapper Lu1 originating from Los Angeles has steadily been making his mark on the hip-hop scene across China. Combining nu-jazz hip-hop with vibrant Mandarin lyrics, he’s apart of the ever-growing scene in China that’s finding surer and surer footing. On A Portrait in Time, Lu1 proves his worth utilizing his natural flow to give listeners a summer time album full of tender bossa nova infused singles alongside tracks with more of a storytelling bent. It’s light, breezy, shows a hefty amount of heart for both the rapper’s homes. Goes down realll smooth. Grab a bottle of wine and give it a spin over here (and here). Lu1 swings through Beijing as a part of his nationwide tour this Friday, July 10th at Mako Livehouse.

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