New Releases: Hang on the Box, Reflector, System Error


Releases, releases, releases – how you tempt me oh so. 2014 is already bringing some rather exciting albums into the mix, including the return of Hang on the Box, pop punk legends Reflector, and the latest compilation from Xi’an based music collective System Error. Also, a special bon voyage to friend Scott Nydegger. Check it.


That’s a track off of Hang on the Box’s latest EP, Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. Am I the only one who thought that Hang on the Box were default? Whatever the case, it’s good to have Gia and company back, and gotta say this is a nice reintroduction to the band, one that shows a lot of maturity from the all female indie art punks. So while we still have six plus minute songs that do anything but take the easy way out, there’s a discipline here that’s captivating and Gia’s vocals are stronger than ever. One thing’s for sure, they ain’t done yet. Give it a listen here and purchase it over at Indie Music.


Speaking of growing up, pop punk mainstays Reflector have been racking in fans and respect for over sixteen years  – no easy feat. Their latest Our Song sees the group at their softest, most intimate cementing the notion that the scrappy kids from yesteryears have left the building. So don’t go expecting any stereo ragers here (though their first and fifth track, ‘Rush’ and ‘Sea’ comes pretty damn close) – instead what we’re given are a fine collection of rock and roll ballads that reflect on nostalgia, heartbreak, and more. Definitely did not see this one coming – give it a twirl here and purchase it over here.


Xi’an art collective System Error has released their second compilation album, which gathers up some of the city’s most fascinating, active, and ‘off-the-fringe’ artists including Colorful Z-bra, Bias, Zila, Gunknown, XBN, and Sikhara among others. Check back a bit later on xiami to find it but till then purchase it over here, and lend your ears to some of those artists – they’re onto something.


And a special shout-out to Scott Nydegger, the man behind the strange beast that is Sikhara – who parted ways with China (temporarily I’m guessing) last New Years Day morning. And while I didn’t get to give him proper send-off to him (all I remember is he went to an airport in a monks rode at six in the morning) he’ll be surely missed. Batshit crazy, most def, but also one of the most fascinating and brilliant minds out there. Till next time amigo! Check out his most recent collaboration with System Error here. And enjoy the nightmares.

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