MV Monday: New Pants, Purple Soul, MC David, Zebra Run!


Locked myself out of my place this morning, so yeah, that happened. Better late than never – let’s take a look at the latest videos to hit desktops across the city, including the latest New Pants single, up and coming hip hop group Purple Soul, rapper MC David’s slam of TV sensation The Voice, and Converse’s latest piece of promotion material surrounding garage rockers Zebra Run! Check it out.

New Pants’ got a new single out! Entitled ‘Boy Playing Guitar’, it’s a lovely ballad in the vein of ‘Time of Your Life’ – which hits some big emotional highs throughout its length, which includes footage from frontman Peng Lei’s short film ‘Dance Room’, which you can tease here – that one revolves around Beijing’s disenfranchised youth, and of course, a knife-wielding man in rabbit suit. Yeah, Peng Lei still feels like a kid in a sandbox when he’s behind the camera. Gotta love it.


Next is ‘hip hop poet’ MC David’s delightfully chipper slam of China’s latest fascination with ‘American Idol-esque’ television. Entitled ‘The World’s Most Popular Rock N’ Roll Jeans’ – it’s a hyper-active adventure through Gulou central that gleefully takes the piss out of reality shows, fashion, and rock n roll – and it’s looks like it was a hoot to film. And that my friends, is all you need sometimes to make a viral success. Check back next week for MC David\’s second release.

One group that’s flown under the radar this year, is hip hop group Purple Soul, out of Beijing, who have receiving quite the accolades since their summer release W.T.F dropped. The group made up of made up of IN3\’s JahWay, Beijing\’s MC Jiezi and beatmaker FAC-D12, AKA FengXiao capture the old school feel, more in the realm of A Tribe Called Quest, than Biggie. It’s fascinating how much of the underground hip hop scene still remains uncovered – here’s to hoping I can catch these guys soon.

Last, it’s looks like indie garage rocking Zebra Run! have returned! Once staples of the D-22 scene, their name pretty much stopped appearing a year or so ago, but now according to the latest ‘Track of the Week’ series by Converse, who have been doing a great job highlighting the talent in town (as well as shamelessly promoting themselves), they haven’t thrown in the towel quite yet. Especially when you have producing guru Yang Haisong by your side. Just hoping these recordings are made public at some point.

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