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Poetry in Shorts 短裤里的诗歌 – The Lame The Terrible The Useless 三个留级生

One of last year’s best surprises – the Shanghai lo-fi blues-ridden rock and roll trio Poetry in Shorts – return with a fresh new EP, finding the band digging into their mischievous bag of scrappy, cigarette smoke-filled and dangerously alluring tunes. Equating the changing seasons, the shifting winds, every passing glance with the volatile emotional tides of the young and restless, the band taps into something primal  – a poetic rock and roll swagger that feels genuine at its core – a lo-fi pop heart buried beneath downtrodden punk rock skin. 


Earsnail 耳蜗 – Dream in a Cage/Unknown Road 笼中梦/未知的路

The electronic duo of Wang Xu (of white+) and Yan Shuai (of Da Bang) return with the sultry and densely vibrant double single ‘Dream in a Cage/Unknown Road’. Ambient, IDM, and some techno thrown in for good measure, it’s electronica music made with craft and architectural observation. There’s a dream-like quality to the music Earsnail makes with their first track unfolding bit by bit, building up layer by layer, while the second song takes the lyrical framework of Beijing ska band Underdog’s song ‘Last Freedom’ and runs with it, creating a foot-tapping, trance-inducing exploratory dancehall number. 


Pool of Light – 绿(Green)

Pool of Light, the Shenyang-based zen-like master – a one-man, multi-instrumentalist who utilizes an arsenal of components to color his metaphysical ambient soundscapes continues evolving and honing his craft on his latest Green. ‘Incorporating synthesizers and field recordings, while also employing experimental techniques and cinematic orchestral approaches, both meticulous and raw,’ the artist finds new throughways to capturing transcendence – turning abstract realms of sound into vigil. 

Pool of Light,驻地沈阳,潜心禅宗,这个是一个一人多器乐项目,音乐人利用一系列元素去渲染其超脱现实的氛围音景,持续演变和磨练在这张最新专辑《绿色》中所展示出的制作水准。“结合了合成器和现场录音,同时也采用了实验技术和电影管弦乐的方法,既细致又原始。”艺术家发现了突破的新途径即将抽象的声音领域变成永恒。

yourboyfriendsucks! – Episode 02

Guangzhou indie rock outfit yourboyfriendsucks! – one of southern China’s most prominent fixtures of the DIY scene – may not be hitting the stage anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean the band has run dry of material. Case in point – Episode 02 – which digs up and dusts off some of the band’s recordings from 2014-2015. And what gem the five-track EP is – bewitching dream pop singles that aren’t afraid to turn the dial up and distort its melodies into a glorious mess of emotions. Jagged indie pop that tugs on those heartstrings whilst having you bop your head in delight, it proves what made the band such a game changer in the first place.


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