Mixtape No.245

Red House 红房子 《红色童话中》 (Xi’an/StreetVoice)Late Troubles 《A Fan Letter》 (Beijing/Merrie Records)Baihu 白虎 《赤灵》 (Beijing/Ruby Eyes Records)Miserable Faith 痛仰 《自由吧呆猫》 (Beijing/音驰文化)The Upside Down 完美倒立 《Vanished Song 海滩上的无人钢琴》 (Chongqing/CaoTai Music)Simplicity Lover 简约情人 《睡不着》 (Beijing/StreetVoice)XiaoWang 小王 《桥的那边》 (Beijing/Self-Released)JIAO […]


Interview: Code-A

At this day and age that internet is touching everything, electric gadgets have become a main media for communication and building up relationships. We get a glimpse of people’s inner world and spiritual reality through […]


Mixtape No. 244

iimmune 《盗贼馆》 (Beijing/Self-Released)Shii 《Scenery 风景》 (Wuhan/Merrie Records)LOFIMAKER 《Aggressive 临潼斗宝》 (Shijiazhuang/Self-Released)PO8 x Joy Ginger 《黄金屋》 (Beijing x US/Self-Released)Angry5JaR 《N30°33′22.44″ E114°18′36.99″》 (Beijing/Self-Released)Sdewdent x Xi Chenchen 喜辰晨 《Sandclock》 (Shanghai/Eating Music)Wu Zhuoling 吴卓玲 《2020》 (Chengdu/Self-Released)