New Music: The Twenties, j-fever 小老虎 Remix, Seippelabel

The Twenties – The Twenties

There’s something so direct and refreshing about The Twenties’. The Beijing based band are in fine form on their monstrously entertaining debut. Pure, unadulterated guitar pop that may be modest on the surface but is full of pop aptitude and craft. A bottle rocket of lo-fi indie rock that brings to mind everyone from Pavement, The Strokes, to Liz Phair and The Cribs – eccentric, laid-back, sincere and full of riotous youthful energy that’s genuine above all else. A joyous rock and roll album from one of the scene’s finest.

The Twenties的每次出招总是给人一种直接又耳目一新的感觉。这只北京乐队的首张专辑制作精细,具有极致的娱悦性。 纯粹的,非成人感的吉他流行乐,乍一听很端庄、适中,却充满了流行的天赋和精心雕琢感,并且会让你想起曾经所有那些炙手可热的低保真独立摇滚团——从Pavement, The Strokes到 Liz Phair以及The Cribs – 古怪,悠闲,真诚,充满缤纷的青春活力。这张听着让人特高兴的摇滚专辑,绝对够得上今年最佳!





j-fever小老虎 – Current Lipstick 现在口红Remix

j-fever is on a roll. The young, charismatic and charmingly offbeat rapper released two stellar LPs in the last year – the first, Current Lipstick with producer Soulspeak, the second, Tiger Under the Leaf, with Chengdu based producer Eddie Beatz dropped earlier this year. Which of course means we’re at the remix phase in the hip-hop artist’s career – and what a treat. Consisting of a variety of producers found under the Ran Music banner, including Diamond Lil, Laughing Ears, Negative808, Radiax, Hielektromen, and Another Van, it’s an infectious remix album that offers fresh, innovative interpretations on j-fever and Souspeak’s already lively wordplay-filled singles.

小老虎如今势头正劲。这位年轻,充满魅力的另类说唱歌手去年发行了两张极为优秀的唱片 – 第一张,《现在口红》,制作人是Soulspeak,第二张,《音乐国里有老虎》,制作人由来自成都的Eddie Beatz担当,于今年早些时候发布。这意味着我们此刻正处于小老虎职业生涯中的混音阶段 – 这对咱乐迷来说其实是一种享受。这张混音专辑由燃音乐旗下的各位制作人参与制作,包括Diamond Lil,Laughing Ears,Negative808,Radiax,Hielektromen和Another Van,最终呈现极具感染力。而这帮制作人的参与,也为小老虎和Souspeak原本就很生动的文字游戏之上又提供了更多新鲜、创新的诠释。





Various Artists – Seippelabel Vol. 10

Seippelabel, the cross-national label based in the Bay Area, USA and Beijing, China, hits a milestone with the release of their tenth compilation. With a focus on the budding and innovative ideas between shared on the dancefloor across the world, their latest which features tracks from artists in China (represented by Toby Davis, Negative808, and 3ASIC), Japan, Singapore, The Philippines, Mexico, Australia and The United States is a lush, kinetic cross-section of ‘one the truly groundbreaking arenas for modern music’ with artists taking an more experimental approach to the genres they’re accustomed to working in – from juke/footwork, bass, trap, vaporcore and more. The results: ‘a beautiful mixture of left-field, upbeat works’ that surely give those earworms a workout.

总部位于美国湾区和中国北京的跨国厂牌Seippelabel,刚发布了旗下具有里程碑意义的第十张合辑。他们专注于在国际电音界分享处于萌芽阶段的创新理念,其最新作品包括来自中国(由Toby Davis,Negative808和3ASIC代表),日本,新加坡,菲律宾,墨西哥,澳大利亚和美国的音乐人们,展现了在当今开创性的电音舞台领域里,一批积极、活跃的群体。音乐人们采用了更加实验性的方法展示他们习以为常的风格 – 从juke / footwork,bass,trap到vaporcore以及更多元素,最终形成了这张融合了新奇和乐观态度的美好作品,对于那些挑剔的耳蜗们绝对是个极佳的锻炼



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