MV Weekly: Late Troubles, Treasure Hill

Late Troubles – Elephant大象

Chen Xi, of the post punk trio Snapline, returns this month with his long-awaited debut of his solo project Late Troubles. Singing in Chinese, he approaches his new material with a delicate honesty. This is most evident on the new single ‘Elephant’ – where Chen Xi takes the idea of the ‘elephant in the room’ that we pretend not to see and run with it. Using a parade of surreal colors, motion lens, silhouette portraits the music video creates a radiating scene design that accompanies the confusion within the lyrics.

Treasure Hill 宝藏山 – Climbing Treasure Hill 上宝藏山

The new and exciting rap team Treasure Hill, established in early 2018, rappers SanCebai and Jin Tiao Zao, and as far as I can tell the reincarnation of Chengdu rap collective L1STALLDO, bring their brand of “alternative rap” to life on their seven minute quasi-musical which innovatively links up various tracks from their just released debut. Energetic and with a sly cinematic touch, it captures the duo’s unique hip-hop sensibility quite well.

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