New Music: Suliao, Berlin Psycho Nurses, Li Xingyu

Suliao 塑料 – The New World 新世界

A candid recollection of every drunken day and night over the past four years, Kunming’s Suliao bring sincere pathos to punk music on their scrappy, earnest and righteous debut The New World, out on Maybe Mars. Exploring our modern-day lives and the engulfing tide of alienation, decadence, and hopelessness that comes with it, Suliao paints their tattered worldview with a detached empathy that strikes a line between tenderness and cynicism all the while diving charismatically headfirst into melodically pleasing anthems that heed forward into the unknown future. Punk rock that bleeds from its heart, Suliao strikes all too relatable a nerve. 


Berlin Psycho Nurses 柏林护士 – Berlin Psycho Nurses

Changsha post punk outfit Berlin Psycho Nurses come out swinging own their riotous and dangerously alluring self-titled debut. Taking cues from Interpol, Joy Division, Elefant, and Nick Cave – the thing that sticks out most about their lean LP is how much deviant fun it seems to be having, showcasing theatrical finesse in both its lyricism and instrumental heft. Rhythm reigns supreme here, simmering to a boil as the bass charges forward, allowing its dark melodic edges to strike with precision and its manic carnal energy to wrap you up. The kind of music bred out of streetside beers and late night cult flicks, there may not be much subtlety to what Berlin Psycho Nurses have cooked up here, but it’ll leave a Cheshire Cat smile on your face.

长沙后朋克乐队柏林护士发行了首张专辑《Psycho Nurses》。他们从从Interpol、Joy Division、Elefant和Nick Cave那里取得了灵感,在这张全长专辑中,最让人印象深刻的其中似乎包含了许多离经叛道的乐趣,而他们的词句和器乐中都展示了颇具戏剧性的技巧。节奏为王,随着贝斯向前冲刺,节奏会慢慢沸腾起来,在黑暗的旋律边缘精确地敲击,用狂躁的肉体能量将你包裹起来。这种从街边啤酒和深夜邪典电影中孕育出来的音乐,柏林护士可能没有做出多少微妙之处,但它会让你的脸上露出柴郡猫般的微笑。

Li Xingyu 李星宇 – The Farthest Place From The Sea 离海最远的地方

Li Xingyu, the prolific composer and bandleader of the instrumental ensemble Whale Circus, brings an ethnomusicological ear to his latest spellbinding release – The Farthest Place From The Sea – out on Stallion Era. Born out of a 2018 trip to Xinjiang with his 52Hz Soundcabinet Project (which aims to collect, preserve and pay tribute to sounds from around the world), Xingyu led a team across the wide and culturally rich region gathering local folk songs, melodies and artists before returning to Urumqi, where he and an array of local musicians recorded and pieced together the sprawling and deeply felt album. Dedicated to master dutar player and music educator Musajon Rozi.

鲸鱼马戏团多产的作曲家和乐队指挥李星宇,为他迷人的最新发行《离海最远的地方》带来了民族音乐学的关注。这张专辑诞生于2018年,在他52Hz Soundcabinet项目(旨在收集、保存和致敬来自世界各地的声音)的新疆之行中,星宇带领团队穿越宽广而具有丰富文化的地区,收集当地的民歌、旋律并与艺术家交流,之后回到乌鲁木齐,在那里,他和当地一系列音乐家录制并组合成了这张博大而深情的专辑。献给都塔尔演奏大师、音乐教育家穆萨琼-罗兹.

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