Gig Recap: Dummy Toys, Round Eye (2020.11.07)

Dummy Toys, Round Eye (NEO Bar 2020.11.07)

A night of punk rock theatrics and cheap beer – headed over to NEO Bar’s sweet embrace Saturday night to check out all-female Qingdao street punk outfit Dummy Toys.

No fuss, no gimmicks, no bullshit – just not holds barrel street punk that leaves little room for breathe. The quartet inhibits their roles with gusto, leaning into the hardcore punk musicality as they charged through one song after another – pogoing from one rallying cry to another. You pretty much have no choice but to get swept up in their highly combustible decree. Respect. 

The evening kicked off with an opening set from Shanghai’s Round Eye, relishing the (non) stage and giving one of their tightest sets in some time, giving their heightened brand of gonzo punk a sharp edge, slipping into songs both new and old with ease. All in all, a rambunctiously swell evening.

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