New Music: Sleeping Dogs x nehcetep, TOW, No Trace

Sleeping Dogs x nehcetep – Petedogs

Instrumental groove masters Sleeping Dogs – a supergroup of Beijing-based indie musicians who take their vast knowledge of jazz, world music, funk and rock and concoct divinity return with their latest slice of paradise on Petedogs – a split 10’’ with producer and beatsmith nehcetep (a semordnilap clearly) released with Eating Music. Three tracks of lush, intricately woven arrangements courtesy of Sleeping Dogs, even as they wear their influences proudly while the second half finds nehcetep pushing the previous tracks into jazz hip-hop territory, complete with juicy samples, sultry beats and sly playfulness. In this meeting of minds, Sleeping Dogs are Yamasuki whilst nehcetep adheres closer to Madlib. A match made in heaven.

器乐演奏大师Sleeping Dogs——一个由北京独立音乐人组成的超级组合,用他们在爵士乐、世界音乐、放克和摇滚乐方面的丰富知识,炮制出了他们最新的美妙 EP《Petedogs》,一张与(beat)制作人nehcetep(显然是一个倒装化名)合作的十寸唱片,由宜听音乐发行。三首由睡狗带来的,华丽、错综复杂的编排(曲目),他们自豪地展示出所受到的影响。而在后半部分,nehcetep将之前的曲目推进到爵士嘻哈领域,加以丰富的采样,迷人的节奏和一丝狡黠戏谑。在这次的灵感碰撞中,睡狗是 Yamasuki,而nehcetep更接近于Madlib 的角色。简直是天作之合。

TOW – If I’m in Love with You

TOW, the duo consisting of The Molds’ lead singer Liu Ge and prominent musician/producer Yang Fan, of Our Beside Me fame, are on a wavelength of their own – part ominous fairy tale, part psychedelic curiosity, and part lounge room act that’s gone astray. Taking their musical idiosyncrasies and allowing them to run rampant, they’re able to conjure something surreal and alluring in its mystique. Like Haruki Murakami crossed with David Lynch, it employs its own dream-like logic and slowly digs its claws into you. There’s a wry playfulness that forces the listening to refocus their ears and find solace in the strange candy at hand.

TOW,由 The Molds 的主唱刘舸和音乐人/制作人杨帆(也是传奇乐队 Our Beside Me 的成员)组成的二人组,在他们自己的独有的频段上遨游:这其中一部分是不祥的童话,一部分是充满迷幻的好奇心,还有一部分种误入歧途的闲适。TOW 利用自己的音乐特质,并让它们自由碰撞,以此变化出一些超现实的、诱人的神秘感。就像村上春树和大卫·林奇一般,它运用自己梦幻般的逻辑,慢慢地将魔爪伸向你,有一种揶揄的玩笑,迫使听众重新关注他们所听的东西,并在一种超现实氛围中找到慰藉。

No Trace 不留行 – Keep Black 守黑

Closer to the restlessness and urgency of heavyweight post rock giants like Godspeed and Wang Wen with the grizzled poetic poise of Nick Cave, there’s a rigid cold architectural element to No Trace’s music. Made up of sharp angles and jet black corridors their music is a maze of despondency, uncertainty, and anger – delicate and rich yet restrained in its emotional transparency. Their new LP Keep Black, released on Modern Sky, finds the post-industrial rockers going big – extracting sprawling songs that fuse classical music, post-punk, post rock, jazz with a darkened indie rock heart exuding an atmosphere of intrigue and danger.

更接近于像黑帝和惘闻这样的后摇巨头的躁动和紧迫感,以及Nick Cave的灰暗诗意,不留行的音乐中有一种坚硬冰冷的建筑元素。他们的音乐由尖锐的角度和漆黑的走廊组成,是绝望、不确定和愤怒的迷宫:表现出的情感是细腻、丰富而又克制的。他们的新专辑《守黑》由摩登天空发行,这支后工业化的摇滚乐队已经走的够远——他们吸收了大量的乐曲,融合了古典、后朋、后摇、爵士并有着一颗黑暗的独立摇滚心脏,散发出一种阴暗和危险的氛围。

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