Mixtape No. 303

SiXi 肆囍 – Cast a spell on me (Nanjing/Self-Released)

Slurry Ice 结冰水 – Spark (Fuzhou/Self-Released)

TwoBirds 双鸟 – 门 (Shanghai/StreetVoice)

Dizzy Boy 舒大卫 – Summer Time (Hangzhou/Self-Released)

Neotea Store 新茶士多 – 梦游 (Wuxi/Self-Released)

The Sparrow 家雀儿 – 我拿走了你的烟 (Suqian/StreetVoice)

PurpleJam 酱紫 – sleep early someday总有一天要早睡 (Fuzhou/Self-Released)

THE HEDWIG 海德薇 – 我 的 岛 上 女 友 (Beijing/Self-Released)

ColorfulBar 彩色文胸 – Memories in the Rain 雨忆 (Chengdu/Self-Released)

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