New Music: Muggle, Sweet Sister Session, The 尺口MP, Li Weisi

Muggle – Damp

Muggle, out of Zhangjiajie, return with their latest musical journey with Damp, a release that takes the band’s post rock sound and pushes it deeper into ambient territory. Entitled Damp, the album weaves together ethereal guitar and atmospheric sound effects into hypnotic compositions, capturing a ‘damp’ enveloping and slightly foreboding temperament – a mood piece that burrows its way into your brain.


Sweet Sister Session – Moon Trance

Newly formed three-piece psych rock outfit, Sweet Sister Session, out of Wuhan, don’t beat around the bush when it comes to their influences – a cesspool of 1960s acid rock filtered through the likes of 13th Floor Elevators, Suicide and Spacemen3 – but damn do they do it well. Dabbed in layers of electronic organs, noise feedback, crunchy guitar riffs, and distorted vocals, it’s space psychedelic music pure and simple – the kind of music that mothers were terrified of back in late 60s. Something tells me these cats are going to making some noise in the upcoming year.

新成立的三人迷幻摇滚乐队,来自武汉的Sweet Sister Session,在谈到他们的影响时并不拐弯抹角——深受13th floor,Suicide,Spacemen3的影响,扎根在60年代酸性摇滚的泥淖里,而且他们做得很好。在太空迷幻和噪音回授的边缘阈值中试探。在60年代末,母亲们对这种音乐感到恐惧。直觉告诉我,来年他们会发出更多声音。

The 尺口MP – It’s OK

The much-anticipated debut LP from Fuzhou ‘leisure-pop trio’ The 尺口MP arrives in the form of ‘It’s Ok’ off of SJ Records. A much more refined and city-pop take on the band’s lo-fi meddling of indie pop, shoegaze, and surf rock – the band seems to be riding the recent wave of adolescent-laced seaside evoking indie pop – yet with a heck ton more grace and playful ingenuity. Far from a wipeout, the band strikes a dreamy, elated, bashful yet joyous chord soaked in melodic charm and humid nostalgia.

福州“休闲流行三人组” The 尺口MP的首张唱片在生煎以“抹待也”的形式到来了。乐队在 indie pop、shoegaze 和 surf rock 的低保真混搭中,采取了更精致和更 city-pop 的方式:乐队似乎是乘着最近一股青春海滨的 indie pop 浪潮而来,但却更加优雅并由着俏皮的巧思。这支乐队并没有被这股浪潮打翻,而是展示出他们梦幻的、兴高采烈的、羞涩而又欢快的和弦,浸透着旋律的魅力和湿润的怀旧之情。

Li Weisi – Drone Work 2 for RATA图片

Beijing based musician Li Weisi – of Carsick Cars and Soviet Pop – gets his drone on with the latest release from Chilean experimental music label Rata Sorda Rec. Pure, unadulterated drone music – pensive and calming in its purity of capturing the magnitude of sound found deep within the oscillating feedback and within the space in which it was formed. Recommended for those with big speakers or killer headphones — a trip worth getting lost in. 

来自北京的音乐人李维思,Carsick Cars和Soviet Pop的成员,在智利实验音乐厂牌Rata Sorda Rec发行了他最新的嗡鸣作品。纯粹的、不加修饰的嗡鸣音乐。在捕捉振荡反馈和形成空间的声音深处的纯粹性中,令人平静且唤起深思。推荐给那些有大喇叭或杀手级耳机的人——这是一趟值得迷失的旅行。

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