Mixtape No. 306

SHENXIU 参宿 – 凝视 (Beijing/Self-Released)

潮汐狩猎 – Open (feat. 小樣) (Yancheng/Self-Released)

Sweet Sister Session – Moon Trance (Wuhan/Self-Released)

The Ravages – Baby Darkness (Beijing/Self-Released)

JIECHI 戒尺- 屠宰場 (Shanghai/Self-Released)

Sexyhand 赛西翰 – Back of the Moon 孤独星球人 (Guangxi/Self-Released)

瓷饿了 – 乳牙 (Hangzhou/Self-Released)

Amber 琥珀 – Seeds (Xi’an/1724 Records)

Nerve Passenger 神经旅人 – 脱节 (feat. 马小雨) (Shanghai/智慧小狗)

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