New Music: Li Jianhong, yan jun x eric wong, Zhou Pei x Charles LaReau

Li Jianhong 李劍鴻 – Soul Solitary 魂靈獨居者 

If there was any question the esteemed air that surrounds experimental scene figure and noise guitar legend Li Jianhong, just soak in the exquisite artwork (by Du Kun) for the artist’s latest release, Soul Solitary, released under Ramble Records (AU), WV Sorcerer Productions (FR/CN), and Echodelick Records (US). Amassed from two live recordings in France and China from 2018-2019 – it features the artist at his most aggressive and mystifying – as throaty bawls, chants-like musings and the shrieks and plucking guitar punctuate its gloomy yet alluring atmosphere. Like his best work – it puts listeners in a trance – at the will of its sonic shaman. 

如果对实验场景代表和噪音吉他传奇人物李剑鸿的散发出的令人尊敬的气息有疑问的话,只要看看他最新发行《魂靈獨居者》精美的艺术作品(杜坤创作),由 Ramble Records(澳大利亚)、WV Sorcerer Productions(法国/中国)和Echodelick Records(美国)联合发行。收录 2018 年至 2019 年在法国和中国的两次现场录音,展现了他最具侵略性和神秘感的一面,低沉的怒吼、沉思的圣歌、尖叫声和拨响的吉他点缀着阴郁而迷人的氛围。就像他最好的专辑——令听众恍惚,如同声音萨满所想要的那样。

yan jun & eric wong – dichotomic language

Experimental musician, poet and renowned sound artist Yan Jun whose performances always have blurred the line between sound and movement; conceptual and tangible – syncs up through body and mind, sound and performance with Germany-based artist Eric Wong on Dichotomic Language, recorded back in 2017. While Yan provides the human often-guttural vocals, Wong, equipped with a Bluetooth speaker, engages with electronic sine waves, white noise and pulses as the pair ‘modulate the sound sources to bring out resonance as well as to create sonic movements that blurs the borders among the sonic events.’ Quite mesmerizing, especially for those who enjoy wading through frequencies and open sonic spaces. 

实验音乐人、诗人、著名声音艺术家颜峻,他的表演总是模糊了声音和动作的边界;通过身体和思想、声音和表演,概念与形体在与德国艺术家 Eric Wong 于 2017 年录制的 dichotomic language 达到同步。当颜发出人类的喉音时,配备蓝牙音箱的王则使用电子正弦波、白噪声和正弦波,两人“调制声源以产生共鸣,并创造模糊声音事件边界的声音运动。”对于那些喜欢在频率与开放的声音空间中跋涉的人来说尤为迷人。

Zhou Pei x Charles LaReau – digital rain

Zhejiang-based label focusing on electronics, situational and other non-genre works, bluescreen returns with their latest collaborative split – digital rain – which pairs Guilin-based electronic experimental veteran Zhou Pei (whose various projects include Ronez, OddChordSpace and KARASSAGE) and label runner and fellow sound explorer Charles LaReau. While Zhou Pei’s half leans into the harsher elements of manipulated field recordings and electronic noise, Charles take adheres closer to the theme as he manipulates a 10-second sample of a rainstorm recorded years ago. And when they join forces – magic. 

位于浙江的 bluescreen 专注于电子、情景和其他无流派作品,携其最新的合作分辑 digital rain 回归,该作品将桂林的电子实验老将周沛(他参与多个计划包括 Ronez、OddChordSpace 和 KARASAGE)与唱片公司主理人兼声音探索者 Charles LaReau 配对。虽然周沛的一半倾向于被操作的现场录音和电子噪音等更极端的元素,但 Charles take 在操纵几年前录制的 10 秒暴雨采样更接近主题。当他们联手时——魔法发生了。

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