Gig Recap: AIRSEX, Basement Queen, Chimera Cult, Navel (2024.3.16)

Basement Queen地下室女王, AIRSFX, Chimera Cult, NAVeL 幻痛区 at – Harley’s Back Room 2024.03.16

The 8 Hour Rock n’ Roll Club returned last weekend to none other than Harley’s Back Room – which of course meant that I was in for a whirlwind night of head-banging tunes, wily personalities on stage, and debauchery of the highest order. 

Was great to catch Navel in their element – and despite trying to high behind metric tons of gear, there is something most satisfying about their gothic new wave – especially when their tracks hit third gear and really get moving. 

It’s been too long since I’ve had the pleasure of checking in with AIRSEX, one of unsung heroes of the punk scene, and one of the rock scene’s best kept secrets – just riotous, deviant, and rollicking tunes that’s both packs both punch and charm. 

It was a treat to host Basement Queen – the buzzing witches’ brew of stoner rock, garage, and hard rock. It’s lean, full-bodied and just tons of fun. Can’t wait for them to return. 

Last but not least, Chimera Cult are stronger than ever – taut, muscular rock and roll that comes out swinging and doesn’t let up till the final drop – so rowdy that my phone managed to escape my pants and go AWOL for some time. 

Thanks again to Harley’s, the bands, to my Borderless sister-in-arms, and of course the people who came out to support. Till next time! 

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