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AIDS Art Troupe 艾滋文工团 – 艾滋文工团

Guangzhou Oi! punk outfit AIDS Art Troupe bring irrelevant mischievous glee to their down and dirty EP out on Qiii Snacks Records. Captured from an electrifying live recording inside a Huizhou warehouse food market, there’s something beautifully anarchic about the band – a DIY aesthetic imbued to their robust musicality and their go-for-broke attitude that never feels forced. Akin to chomping down on a mouthful of betel nut, it leaves you both woozy and wired and leaves a taste in your mouth that’s only for the strong-willed. In other words, dangerously fun.

广州的 Oi!punk 乐队艾滋文工团在琪琪音像发行的EP中带来了一些无关紧要的调皮快乐。这张EP是在惠州的一个菜市场现场录制的,他们有着一种美丽的无政府状态——一种 DIY 美学注入到他们强大的音乐性和从不妥协,打破一切的态度中。就像咀嚼一口槟榔一样,它让你既晕眩又兴奋,并在你的嘴里留下了只有意志坚强的人才品尝得到的味道。换句话说,这是一种危险的乐趣。

Haishijiu 海石九 – Feel the Elephant in the Dark 黑夜摸象

Up and coming indie band Haishijiu, out of Hangzhou, bring unconventional charm to their debut EP Feel the Elephant in the Dark. Hued in the colors of dawn, there’s a romantic aura that oozes over the tracks, which showcases the band’s diverse sound – touching upon everything from synth pop to Radiohead falsetto cooing rock. Constantly shifting gears and carried by lead singer Xue Lian’s effeminate voice and Zhou Chen’s emotive lyricism – striking a slow-burning neon-soaked mood that washes over you. There may be wet behind the ears, but Haishijiu show lots of promise.

来自杭州的新锐独立乐队海石九在他们的首张EP《黑夜摸象》中带来了非传统的魅力。黎明的色彩中,有一种浪漫的气息在歌曲中弥漫,展示了乐队多元化的声音——从 synth pop 到 Radiohead falsetto cooing rock 。在主唱雪莲柔美的嗓音和周晨的充满情感的抒发下,不断地变换着层次——营造了一种缓慢燃烧的霓虹灯般的情绪将你淹没。海丝九可能还有些年轻经验不足,但他们表现出了很大的潜力。

Tian Tang 甜糖 – Static View 景观

Nanjing based instrumental electronic duo Tiantang, composed of producer Wang Fei and the drummer Wang Lei, render stimulating soundscapes on their breathless debut LP, off of Ruby Eyes Records. Inspired by the likes of acts such as Public Service Broadcasting and Dan Deacon, the duo wrangle one layer after another – looping synths and guitars, steady and potent drums, and vocal samplings gathered from radio, film, and documentaries – to realize and supplement their dense world of sound. With most tracks giddily hurling past the five-minute mark, there’s a traversing ambience within each song, allowing songs to wander and flex even as they adhere to their propulsive and rigid structures. 

来自南京的器乐电子二人组甜糖,由制作人王飞和鼓手王磊组成,在他们由赤瞳发行的首张专辑中呈现出令人窒息的音景,受 Public Service Broadcasting 和 Dan Deacon 的影响,这对组合将合成器和吉他的循环,稳定有立的鼓点,以及从广播、电影和纪录片中收集的人声层层叠放,来实现和补充他们那密集的声音世界。由于大部分的曲目都在五分钟以上,因此每首歌曲都有种穿越的氛围,这让歌曲在坚持进行推进和稳固结构的同时,也能灵活游走。

Chimo – In The Park 公园里/ 2D Foil 二向箔 – I Don’t Know How

Shanghai-based Letter Records kicks off 2021 with two 7’’ vinyl releases soaked in hazy dream pop and warm-hued indietronica. First up, is Chimo’s In The Park, a repressing of a 2014 release from the indie musician Mogu Hong which ‘casts a lush, crisp, and dreamlike ambient spell, filled with bright swirling guitar, washed-out vocals and warm electronic sounds that would feel right at home with the films of Shunji Iwai’. The latter is the newest from Beijing-based dream pop outfit 2D-Foil, who seem to be expanding upon their sound (and its foundations), crafting an immersive, guitar-led and vocally intoxicating world that keeps one’s ears bewitched and points to a bright future for the up and coming band. 

位于上海的Letter Records以,浸透在朦胧中的 dream pop 和温暖的indietronica pop 两张七寸黑胶唱片开启了2021年的序幕。首先是 Chimo 的《公园里》,这是独立音乐人蘑菇红在2014年发表的作品,它“运用了大量电吉他的器乐氛围制造,轻巧地融入亚系暖电子,减弱淡化了人声,却更重视音乐整体把握,使「公园里」听起来更像是岩井俊二式电影的迷你抒情配乐。”,后者是来自北京的 dream pop 乐队二向箔,他们似乎在扩展自己的声音(和基调),打造了一个沉浸式的、由吉他主导的、人声醉人的世界,让听众的耳朵深陷其中,并为这支新晋乐队指明了光明的未来。

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