MV Weekly: CMCB, Twisted Machine, Schoolgirl byebye

Schoolgirl Byebye – 银河小偷

Nanjing’s Schoolgirl Byebye have a knack for crafting tight indie pop songs that buzz with sun-baked jangly city pop allure. On top of that, the band has excelled at assembling ramshackle homemade music videos that showcase the band’s core couple leisurely enjoying the finer pleasures of life – in this case, a lovely brisk ski trip. Love the lo-fi nostalgia-inducing charm. Romance is in the air. Keep your eyes peel in our Upcoming Tours as the band hits the road again next month.

CMCB – Kung Fu 功夫 

Long-standing nu-metal outfit CMCB look back at their 2000 single ‘Kung Fu’ and give it a proper makeover as evident in their hard-hitting music video featuring the band, as well as special guest rapper Shuangzi, laying it all down on a set that invokes Korn’s infamous ‘Freak on a Leash’.  Like a baijiu that ages with grace, it’s good to see the band still going strong. 

Twisted Machine 扭曲机器- Never Stop 永不止步

If that was enough of a throwback for you, why not dip into Twisted Machine’s new track ’Never Stop’ which brings in a lot more flourishes hot these days, including core contemporary dance, a phase I never thought I’d write.

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