New Music: JF Lee, Scintii, lastboss

李剑峰 JF Lee – 1602

Acting both as a commemoration of a lifetime of memories and a vessel for healing the wounds the world has endured over the past years, 1602 from ambient electronic musician Li Jianfeng (aka JF Lee) is a wondrous statement brimming with life. Named after the home address of its creator – where the artist (as well as rock singer, label owner, and livehouse manager) resided for nearly twenty years – there’s an analog quality to the sounds at hand – a lived-in, organic vitality to its rippling mediative layers, abstract textures and ornamental aura – vividly capturing the feeling a waking dream. 

既是对一生记忆的纪念,也是治愈过去几年世界所受创伤的容器,来自氛围电子音乐家李建锋(又名 JF Lee)的作品《1602》是充满生命力的奇妙宣言。以创作者的家庭住址命名——李剑峰(同时也是摇滚歌手、音乐厂牌主理人 Livehouse 运营者)在那里居住了近二十年——近在咫尺的声音具有一种模拟的特质——波澜荡漾的层次、抽象的纹理质感与点缀的氛围中有种萦绕生活气息的有机生命力——生动地捕捉到清醒梦的感觉

Scintii – wetlands, harbours… and stations in between

Scintii – the musical moniker of Taiwanese singer and producer Stella Chung – has played a prominent role in not only Shanghai’s thriving club scene but London as well where she studied. This rootlessness and beguiling melding of cultures are at the center of her latest EP – and ‘wetlands, harbours… and stations in between’ – released with London imprint Houndstooth. A sonic fairy tale built on synth-filled electronica, atmospheric beats, and Scintii’s elegiac yet potent voice, it’s pop music made in the same vein as Portishead with a slicker more club-oriented luster. A siren guiding listeners through its labyrinthian production and genre-bursting catharsis, the multi-talented artist proves herself once again. 

Scintii 是台湾制作人、创作歌手 DJ Stella Chung 的化名,她不仅在上海蓬勃的俱乐部场景中扮演着重要角色,在她学习过的伦敦也是如此。这种无根性和迷人的文化融合是她最新 EP wetlands, harbours… and stations in between 的核心,EP 由伦敦厂牌Houndstooth 发行。这是一个由合成器电子乐、大气氛围节拍和 Scintii 优雅而有力的嗓音构成的声音童话。是更加俱乐部导向,与 Portishead 一脉相承的流行音乐。这位多才多艺的艺术家在迷宫般的制作和多流派的爆发输出中引导着听众,再一次证明了自己。

lastboss – HaveYouSeenTheHate? (DarkestOur)

Continuing his endless output and exploration of electronic music as therapy, Manchester-raised, Guangdong-based producer lastboss returns with his latest deep dive – HaveYouSeenTheHate?- the first part in a series called DarkestOur – to be released in parts on Belgium imprint Off. As always in the producer’s work – genre is beside the point – as distorted guitars brush up against ambient noise and ethereal vocals – creating a sound that could easily soundtrack your new favorite dystopian drama series (or at least the trailer). 

在曼彻斯特长大、来自广东的制作人 lastboss 继续他对于作为疗愈方法的电子乐的无休止创作与探索。他带着最新成果 HaveYouSeenTheHate? 回归,专辑作为 DarkestOur 系列的第一张在比利时厂牌Off 发行。如同这位制作人以往的作品一样——音乐的流派并不是重点:失真的吉他与氛围噪音和空灵的人声交织,创造出一种很容易成为你最爱的乌托邦剧集原声的音乐(至少是预告片的原声)。

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