Gig Recap: Hiperson, Lonely Leary (2024.3.01)

Hiperson 海朋森, Lonely Leary 孤独的利里 at Bandai Namco 万代南梦宫 2024.3.01

Two of my favorite acts teaming up over at Bandai Namco – Lonely Leary and Hiperson – was too good to pass up – even as I suspect I’ve indulged in both bands a bit much in recent years. And with each band playing over 75 minute long sets, it was indeed all a bit self-indulgent. Bloated. Excessive. But to hell with it, life is short. Indulge away. 

With basically every song in Lonely Leary’s catalogue getting its time on stage, I was most excited to hear the trio test drive some of their new tracks – and plenty they did have. In some ways, their new material feels more animated – digging deeper into the band’s surf rock undertones and their instrumental chops rather than its blue collar steadfast grit. It’s a notable shift, one I can’t wait to hear fleshed out. 

Only a band like Hiperson will use bare naked white lights for a set and nothing else. Cause when you’ve got stage presence and the chops like these cats do – you don’t need any other gimmicks. The band has only gotten tighter, more evocative, and refined over the years – and while I was hoping for more new material (they had enough I suppose) there is plenty of talk of a new album due out this year so fingers crossed. 

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