New Music: HINT, Cyclone, Sparrow

HINT – False Command

Math rock with a digital edge, Guangzhou’s HINT is the latest act to join the math rock resurgence that seems to be making its way across China. While not falling as far down the computer-enhanced rabbit hole as acts like GriffO, there is a refreshing glitch-inflicted sheen to the band’s sound that elevates their already intricate high-wire arrangements. Deft, spry, and good fun, HINT still have a ways to go on their ascent to the top, but their debut is a great introduction and proves that they’re not messing around.

来自广州的 HINT 乐队是最新一支加入数学摇滚大军的乐队,这股风潮似乎正席卷整个中国。虽然没有像鬼否那样利用完美地利用电子音乐或合成器强化听感,但这支乐队的声音却散发着令人耳目一新的光彩,使他们本已错综复杂的高难度编曲更上一层楼。HINT乐队灵巧、活泼、有趣,虽然在向巅峰攀登的道路上还有很长的路要走,但他们的首张专辑是一个很好的开端,证明了他们认真的态度。

Cyclone 赛科隆 – An intricate and crooked short poem 复杂且歪歪扭扭的一首诗

Looking to evoke the grand scale of post rock bands acts Wang Wen like Explosions in the Sky, Cyclone, out of Guangzhou, bring prog rock theatrically and hefty musicality to their impressive debut. Broken down by the band as ’33% teenage suffrage; 33% children making good use of their instruments; 33% subtropical climate; and one percent luck’, the album unfolds like a waking dream, a sound collage ripe with simmering crescendos and turbulent emotions. It works both conceptually as a whole, and piece by piece, with just enough sonic diversity to keep your ears engaged.

赛科隆乐队来自广州,他们的首张专辑《复杂且歪歪扭扭的一首诗》给人留下了深刻印象。乐队将这张专辑细分为 “由33%的青春疼痛少年,33%的一群用手上的设备做出好听音乐的孩子,33%的亚热带湿热气候产生的台风,还有1%的困境中的幸运组成的拼贴诗。”。这张专辑既有整体概念,也有美妙的高光片段,声音的多样性足以让你的耳朵沉浸其中。

Sparrow 文雀 – Certain 某

With sixteen years under their belt, Beijing post rock outfit Sparrow have put in the work, slowly building their fanbase and expanding their sound. Never going for the jugular, Sparrow have always brought a delicate almost modest touch to their sound, and their latest EP ‘Certain’ is no different. Four tracks of finely crafted post rock that unfurls at its own pace and is never showy, it’s an easy album to cozy up to, one that immerses you slowly in its poetic tapestry.

北京后摇滚乐队文雀乐队已经走过了十六个年头,他们不断努力,慢慢建立起自己的粉丝群体,并不断扩展自己的音乐风格。文雀从不张扬,他们的声音总是细腻而谦逊,最新 EP《谁》也不例外。四首精雕细琢的后摇滚按自己的节奏铺展开,内敛舒缓,这是一张容易让人惬意的专辑,一张让人慢慢沉浸在其诗意挂毯中的专辑。

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