Gig Recap: Zhuyouhui, WeatherKing, Cementin, kirakiro (ARCADE 2024.4.13)

Zhuyouhui 祝游会, WeatherKing天气王, Cementin水门汀, kirakiro at ARCADE 2024.4.13

House party vibes…that’s all I wanted going into last Saturday. Ever since I first set foot into ARCADE, the quaint gallery jam hang-out, I knew I had do something there. A chance to recapture that feeling of finding myself in some obscure basement party only to discover a band playing in the corner whilst patrons cozied up. Simply put, Shanghai needs more spaces like this – or at the very least, the option of spaces like this.

Spring Fever 醉春烟 was our first foray into finding new spaces for bands to get in their licks, and for audiences to get their fix – and it was a blast. kirakiro captivating – taking advantage of the lush-sounding grand piano; Zhuyouhui 祝游会 finding tenderness in its rhythmically invigorating instrumentation; WeatherKing天气王 getting my daughter to groove out; and Cementin水门汀 inviting listeners into their dense soundscapes – a diverse yet sonically rich tapestry of sounds. 

Like I said – house party vibes through and through. Thanks once again to everyone involved. Let’s do it again this summer!

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