New Music: Dreaming Julie, Qunxiang, Hyper Slash, j-fever x Eddie Beatz x Zhou Shijue

Dreaming Julie 发梦茱莉 – Dreaming Julie 发梦茱莉

Dreaming Julie – the madcap freak jazz trio made up of renowned experimental and jazz figures Feng Hao, Liu Ping, and Yang Tao are on a wavelength on their own with their unhinged self-titled debut which unfolds like a Jackson Pollack painting. Coated in thick layers of prog rock and free jazz and chiselled with sharp satirical edges, there’s art school punk radicalism to be found in their tipsy-turvy sound. Essentially a soundtrack to a world gone mad, the trio seems to have abandoned style in pursuit of something more off the beaten path – a postmodern sound filled to the brim of the anxious overwhelming society we live in. A hoot.

发梦茱莉——由著名的实验和爵士音乐人冯昊 刘平 和杨滔组成的疯狂怪胎爵士乐三人组。他们不同寻常的同名首专,像 Jackson Pollack 的画一般展开。在厚重的前卫摇滚和自由爵士的涂层中,带有尖锐的讽刺意味,在他们微醺的声音中可以找到艺术学院的朋克激进主义。从本质上讲,这是一个疯狂世界的原声带,三人组似乎已经放弃了风格,追求更多的非主流的东西——一种后现代的声音,充满了我们生活的焦虑不堪的社会的气息。令人捧腹大笑。

j-fever 小老虎, Eddie Beatz, Zhou Shijue 周士爵 – 心愈频率

Conjured up amid the pandemic lockdown as a means of mental recuperation, hip-hop specialists j-fever and Zhou Shijue team up with maverick producer Eddie Beatz for the ethereal and new age/ambient-hued LP Heart Healing Frequency. Taking the jazzy free-flowing energy of j-fever, the more grounded swift yet clam tonality of Zhou Shijie, and the soothing, breezy slick hip-hop beat stylings of Eddie Beatz – the LP finds rhythmic imagination in a variety of topics – ranging from the resilience of women in a male-dominated society to procreating in a planet ravaged by global warming – all levied by the rapper’s trademark whimsy and scattershot worldview. Yet at its center – a desire to love life gratefully and take in everything it has to offer. Hip-hop as a warm hug.

作为一种治愈精神的手段,嘻哈专家小老虎和周士爵与特立独行的制作人 Eddie Beatz合作,推出了空灵的新时代/氛围色彩的专辑《心愈频率》。这张唱片采用了小老虎爵士式自由流动的能量,周士爵的更接地气的迅速而粘稠的音调,以及 Eddie Beatz 的舒缓、轻快平滑的嘻哈伴奏风格,在各种主题中找到节奏的想象力——从女性在男性主导的社会中的复原力到在一个被全球变暖蹂躏的星球上的生育。所有这些都被说唱歌手标志性的奇思妙想和发散的世界观所影响。然而,其中的核心是一种感激地热爱生活并接受它所提供的一切的愿景。嘻哈是一个温暖的拥抱。

Qunxiang 群像 – Dim Party 低迷聚会

Tis the season for post punk and the latest band to break through are Chengdu’s Qunxiang (formerly The Passenger). While comparisons to Hiperson are inevitable, the band is more in line with greats such as Siouxsie And The Banshees, leaning more into the genre’s funhouse aesthetics, finding pleasures in the twisty malice and brooding atmosphere, captured expertly in the albums slow-burning tracks. Time will time if Qunxiang’s will be able to step out of the shadow of the scene’s more well-known acts, but I think the band resonates most deeply in its lyrical fragility and its beguiling vocals courtesy of singer Ma Ji. Its high-wire instrumentation fits its fraught yet subtle emotional turmoil like a glove.

现在正是后朋当道的时节,而这其中最新的乐队是成都的群像(原名The Passenger)。虽然不可避免会让人拿来与海朋森比较,但乐队更像 Siouxsie And The Banshees 这样的大师,更倾向于这一流派的有趣的美学,在曲折的恶意和忧郁的气氛中找到乐趣,这些特点都被专辑中缓慢燃烧的曲目娴熟地捕捉到。时间会证明群像乐队能否够走出现场比专辑更知名的阴影,但我认为乐队能引起共鸣的原因在其抒情的脆弱性和主唱麻吉 诱人的歌声。他们高能的乐器像手套一样适合那充满挑战而又微妙的情绪波动。

Hyper Slash – STAR ARENA 星际竞技场

One of The Big Band season two breakout bands was the wildly combustible and endearing Hyper Slash, out of Guangzhou, who gleefully mashup up-tempo electronic dance music with plummeting hardcore metal. It drips with positivity even while their music throws everything into the blender – from Nintendo music to blood-curling screams in autotune. Clearly not for everyone, but It’s so off-kilter and bombastic – and yeah it kinda works. It’s like prog rock for kids who grew up in an arcade emporium loaded up on Red Bull working that DDR till the wee hours of the morning. If you can handle the sugar comedown this might just be for you.

来自广州的 Hyper Slash 是乐夏第二季的突围乐队之一,他们将快节奏的电子舞曲和暴躁的硬核金属混合在一起,令人欣喜若狂。他们的音乐充满了积极色彩,把所有东西扔进搅拌机中——从任天堂音乐到 autotune的血腥尖叫。显然不适合每个人,但它是如此的非主流和爆炸性,是的,它有点作用。这就像为那些在街机厅里长大的孩子们准备的前卫摇滚,他们满脑子都是红牛和一直玩到凌晨的DDR。如果你能不被高能量冲昏,这可能就是为你准备的。

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