Gig Recap: YunJing, Against All, Round Eye (2021.08.13)

YunJing 云镜, Against All, Round Eye

Yuyintang 育音堂 2021.08.13

Nothing like some rollicking action on a rainy evening courtesy at Yuyintang – a place I’ve grown all too comfortable in over the past year. The occasion – checking In with Xiamen ruffians YunJing who since inviting last year to this very venue, have grown exceptionally. With a sound that evokes everything from 70s psych rock to Seattle-era grunge rock at its most combustible, there’s a primitive almost animalistic charisma to their brand of punk rock that’s loaded with sardonic wit, high-wire energy, and old school rock and roll magnetism…or better yet, reckless abandon with a set that tipped into blind debauchery ending with its frontman collapsed on the floor crawling his way back to civilization. Glorious it was. 

The evening also saw the Shanghai debut of Hangzhou’s Against All – a no-frills punk band that keeps it authentic – a love letter to China’s new generation of punk rockers who are more inclined to be inspired by the likes of Chinese acts like Demerit (the shirt does give it away). Can’t wait to have them back here sometime in the future. 

The always decadent and riotous Round Eye strutted their stuff, as well as their new drummer, Loice, who looked to be having a ball back there on the kit. Always nice to see the boys working their magic on unsuspecting crowds. 

Fireballs, street corner beers, catching up with old friends, and a musical reckoning – what more could I ask for?

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