Neighboring Tunes: SWEETASS (Malaysia)

Mid-90s garage rock and grunge is alive and well with the Malaysian revisionists and noise pop crafters Sweetass. Based out of Kuala Lumpur the quartet has been making strides in the music scene since their infectious debut ‘Wa Caya Lu’ in 2018, stretching their wings and tour stations beyond the cultural hotbed that is their capital city (what’s the China equipment of traveling to Borneo for a gig?).

90年代中期的车库摇滚和垃圾摇滚在来自马来西亚的修正主义支持者和噪音流行追随者SWEETASS的支持下依然活跃。自2018年凭借首张极具感染力的专辑《Wa Caya Lu》首次亮相以来,这支来自首都吉隆坡的四人乐队在音乐界取得了长足的发展,并通过巡演将才华施展延伸至首都文化温床之外(话说,要从中国到婆罗洲巡演有什么装备要求?)。

It’s clear the band knows what kind of sound they’re aiming for, jumping with their hearts on their sleeves, and their tongues willingly in cheek, as they stir up a whirlwind of cathartic noise rock that feels like Seattle has somehow been transported to the tropics.   

很明显,这支乐队很清楚自己想要的是什么样的声音,心随节奏挥舞跳跃,情绪随宣泄放飞轻狂, 他们掀起了一阵极具风格的摇滚旋风,感觉能将西雅图掀倒热带雨林。

With more singles trickling out from the band as well as a killer live set courtesy of the ‘The WKND Sessions’ radio program, they’re a band that could easily fizzle out after a year or so. But boy, will they go down in a blaze of glory. 

随着越来越多的单曲被发布,乐队脱颖而出。随后在《The WKND Sessions》这档电台节目上呈现精彩的现场表演,乐队越发火热。经过太多年轻出道迅速走红之后,这支乐队今天取得的成绩,让我在为之感叹赞美之余,不免隐隐担心他们也许会在一年左右的时间内意外沉寂。但是各位,他们真的会在荣耀中陨落吗!


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