MV Weekly: Wogui de Huoche, Bastards of Imperialism, Boiler Room


What better way to tease your upcoming album than a music video – both Hangzhou dream poppers Wogui de Huoche and Beijing geopolitical punks Bastards of Imperialism present their debut album’s MVs. Plus, a look at Boiler Room’s latest venture into China. Here’s the latest videos to get down with.

It’s been a while since I’ve heard from the (now) Hangzhou based indie rock outfit Wogui de Huoche (卧轨的火车) – back in 2104 they released very fine EP, chock full of potential. And like that – they’re back with their debut full length LP, Aftermath, and it’s a doozy (and a new lineup to go along with it). And it ain’t a release without a music video to go along with one of your singles ‘The Empire’ – a meditative washed out violin-strung throwback that gets a appropriately washed out, archival music video. Dig the images on hand and better yet the show – gonna be letting this record play out for the next couple days.

Beijing’s Bastards of Imperialism aren’t ones to hold back any punches. The politically charged theatrical titty twisters continue to bleed for their ideals in this descent into the hell we know as the Western world. Images we’re all familiarized (even numb) to by now, ‘Homeland Insecurity’ is a scathing indictment of everything that’s fucked about how the Western operates – from the Wall Street thugs, to the paramilitary police, even the T.S.A – everyone gets a fair shake from the Bastards. The MV is a lil teaser for the Homeland Insecurity release from the Bastards of Imperialism out later this week.

In case you haven’t heard Boiler Room, the global online electronic music platform that streams live events from all over the world, usually putting a spotlight on a city’s underground talent, made their way into China at the beginning of the summer. It broke records here. Capacity in venues became a issue. And then they invited Skrillex. Sure that enraged the undergrounders quite a bit. Nevertheless, the concept is still sound, essentially as each of the artists’ sets are archived, like the above set from Chacha and DJ Aivilox in Shanghai in May. But seriously the guy at the twenty minute mark in between the two artists – what the hell are you doing good sir? More videos on Boiler Room’s site.

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