OTS: Gatsby In A Daze, Gate to Otherside, Backspace (Yue Space 27.09.2016)


Well that’s about one of the strangest exhibitions I’ve stumbled into. Who would’ve guessed that the 2014 musical dramedy Frank, about an esoteric musical genius would become such an inspiration for artists here (besides the point that the ‘head’ Frank dons in the movie is modeled after Frank Sidebottom aka Chris Sievey)? But that’s exactly what happened with Beijing-based artist’s showcase at Yue Space, featuring some of the Frank inspired pieces. But that’s all just filler for the real story here – new friggin bands – as part of the exhibition the space hosted three bands. I\’ve been eager to catch Hangzhou jangly indie rock (with a bit of shoe gaze on the side) outfit Gatsby in a Daze for some time now, and I\’m glad I did. While a lot of their performance coasted on charm, the band is chasing after their own sound. It\’s wonderfully laid back yet at the same time intricate – a throwback sound that still manages to twist and turn.

Also new to my ears was Backspace – a new Beijing band that delivers tender yet scrappy indie noise rock – a band definitely to keep an eye out for in the near future. And of course the always dependable Gate to Otherside, a band that continues to spout out new songs, and an even darker, dirtier sound that\’s screaming to get out. They seem to holding their cards close to their chest at the moment, but fingers crossed we get an album from these cats sooner rather than later.










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