MV Weekly: Sonicave, Hyperslash

Sonicave – Adolescent Angels

Chengdu post punk outfit Sonicave are back with a new single and accompanying music video. In an all too familiar subject, the story centers around a singer who slowly, unbeknownst to her, becomes a pawn in a reality show, finally brainwashed and controlled, ‘singing a song of unknown significance’. Digging the track – hints at a leaner, richer and more potent sound for the band – keep your eyes peel for their new LP come September.

HYPER SLASH 超级斩 – Invisible Gentlemen 隐形绅士

Hyper Slash, the wildly combustible and endearing Guangzhou band, who gleefully mashup up-tempo electronic dance music with plummeting hardcore metal dropped their newest album and with it a MV for their single. Produced by Sxun – former guitarist of Japanese electronicore band Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas – and featuring dance troupe StepFeve, its a Victorian steampunk dressup party featuring the band donned in kooky outfits in a gentlemen’s club of sorts. Seemingly an ode to frontwomen Soon’s grandfather and the germination of ‘invisible gentlemen’ out there, it’s a fine piece of production and loads of fun.

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