MV Weekly: Soi Music TV, Birdstriking, Xun Jun


The latest single from one of Beijing’s best indie rock bands, a new look and sound for a rising Hangzhou folk star, and a new platform bridging the musical communities of Asia – it’s time to check in with the newest videos including fresh cuts from Birdstriking, Xun Jun, and Soi Music TV.

Birdstriking have been teasing and teasing their forthcoming sophomore release for some time now – the much anticipated LP has been hinted at for over the past couple years, but with the drop of a new music video – it seems that day is closer than ever now. ‘Yuntianming’ is the newest single from the noise rock outfit out of Beijing and it hints at a much denser, layered, and perhaps even bubblier sound (the band added a guitarist to the roster last year) – whatever the case, can’t deny how damn catchy this single is. The video was recorded in a studio space by the fine folks over at Neocha.

Soi Music TV – the online platform that curates the best independent music from across Asia by capturing some of the scene’s finest musicians in glorious one-takes. While it’s curator is based in Singapore, the website recently swung through Hangzhou and Beijing and captured quite a few of the music scene regulars including Moxizishi, thruoutin, Wang Shengnan, and Dan Taylor from Beijing as well as Qi Zitan and U180 from Hangzhou. Very cool stuff. Lots to dig through.

Hangzhou indie folk group The Tree has been picking up stream since their lead man Xun Jun made his way onto CCTV in early 2015. A few awards, a heck ton of festivals, and record deal later, the singer now sings under his solo name (though I guess one could simply consider the band as The Tree). Shot by the ever reliable Geek Shoot Jack, ‘Million Songs Hill’s Hippie’ finds the singer in full indie pop mode – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Based on a road that runs alongside the West Lake in Hangzhou, the video finds Xu Jun living the artist lifestyle – wondering aimlessly through woods, playing drinking games with buds, and playing in quaint café/stages. A nice ode to the southern hotspot.

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