On The Scene: Fazi, Hiperson, Stolen, The Fallacy (Yugong Yishan 05.11.2016)


Chengdu and Xi’an gave Beijing a run for their money earlier this month with Yugong Yishan blowout featuring some of the underground scene’s new guard – bands whose latest releases have earned them a healthy reputation including Chengdu’s Hiperson and Stolen, as well as Xi’an’s own Fazi (formerly The Fuzz) and The Fallacy. A diverse showcase of the devious sounds to emerge out West, there was no way my maltreated camera or I were gonna miss this. And they did not disappoint. While Hiperson continue to captivate in their precision and evolution, proving themselves to be one of the best live acts in China at the moment, it was the manic inspired energy of Fazi that surprised and sucker punched me into submission.

I have a bit of a love hate thing with Xi’an considering it’s my Chinese New Year hub just about every year, but these guys make me miss it’s peculiar aura. A hell of a way to close out a evening of stellar sets, including one from Stolen, who cranked it up to 11 with a wildly rhythmic beat, and The Fallacy, who brought some dangerous charm to their jagged post punk rager. As I’ve said time and again, there is new terrain to be reckoned with outside of Beijing – and I couldn’t be giddier.

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