MV Weekly: Scare The Children, 33EMYBW


33EMYBW – Golem

Remember ReBoot – that Canadian CGI-animated show from the 90s. Well, this looks like an alternative reality where Bob and Enzo find themselves in the brothel that really ends up being some hellish purgatory with 33EMTYBW operating as Cthulhu. A little too convoluted? Well, then soak in all the insanity on display in the Shanghai producer’s music video for her track ‘Golem’ off her recent LP. Created by Fang Yang, it’s an acid-laced trip through a Chula as filtered through PlayStation graphics that as Radii’s Josh Feola pointed out, “delivers a concise visual summary of several themes that have been snaking through 33EMYBW’s work for the last few years: pop culture damaged and endlessly mutated by always-onlineness; oceans of memes becoming a self-sustaining reality/consciousness; the horseshoe overlap between ancient cultic ritual and 21st-century tech culture”. Whoa!


Scare The Children 吓死宝宝 – The Seduction of Little Timmy 小蒂米的诱惑

Horror metal quartet Scare the Children, whose ghoulish costumes complete with all-too lifelike masks, and a dollhouse set decor straight from your childhood nightmares, has made the Beijing band a hit on the local and festival circuity since 2014, unleash hell in the nightmarishly fun and riotous music video for their song ‘The Seduction of Little Timmy’. Directed by fellow Beijing band Gemini, and starring some poor child who’s in way over his head, it captures the band’s aesthetics and themes perfectly – with Little Timmy putting his family to ‘rest’ at the behest of his demonic earworms. So yeah, best keep your kids away from this one. 

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